What Sets Good Roofers Apart from the Rest

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When it comes to taking good care of your roof, there’s no room for compromise. This is why I believe that it is very important to make sure that you’re hiring professional roofers that are worth your time and resources. Sure, any roofer can claim that they do good work, but who wouldn’t. Here are the traits that define good roofers and that set them apart from the rest.

Good roofers have the paperwork to back them up!

Licenses and certifications aren’t just proof that roofers are legitimate; they also serve as indications that they have spent considerable time perfecting their trade, and are capable of providing services that meet certain standards.


Good roofers have good customer reviews!

Customer feedback says a lot about businesses, and the roofing business is no exception. Customer reviews are rarely biased towards roofing contractors unless they received very high quality services.  However, you also have to consider the number of customer reviews: 8 positive reviews out of 10 are still more credible than a perfect 2 out of 2.

Take extra time to read both good and bad reviews so you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from each roofing contractor you are considering. If possible, try to contact a previous client for more details about how great (or bad) your options are.

Good roofers offer warranties!

Warranties say a lot about a roofer’s skill and the quality of his work. By offering you warranties, roofers are putting their reputation (and income) on the line. Still, you shouldn’t just pick a roofer based on the presence of warranties. Look for roofers that offer warranty coverage for at least a year. Any warranty shorter than that may be nothing more than an advertising gimmick, since the majority of roof-related problems caused by poor workmanship tends to show up during the first couple of years.


Good roofers have insurance!

Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, and this could work against a client in various ways. For example, if a roofer accidentally damages another part of your home, you may be held liable, with no choice but to shoulder the repairs on your own. What’s worse, accidents leading to personal injury within your home’s premises can be blamed on you. Good roofers are responsible enough to get insurance to make sure they and their clients are covered in case something bad happens.


Good roofers get permits!

A lot of roofers will work on any roofing repair or installation, but good roofers will go the extra mile to acquire the right permits. Different areas have different building codes, which are implemented to make sure all roofs in the area, are safe enough to be used. Installing a roof that doesn’t meet local standards can have a lot of consequences.

For example, claims for roof damages can be denied by the insurance provider if the roof wasn’t built according to government building specifications. This can also prove catastrophic for business facilities during safety inspections – businesses have been forced to shut down for not meeting building standards set by the local authorities.

Some roofers ask extra fees for permits, while others automatically include the processing fee in the bill; either way, you’ll want to make sure you have the permits before any work on your roof gets started.


Good roofers have good manners!

How roofers handle conversations with their clients can say a lot about their capabilities and professionalism. Being polite during conversations is a sign that a roofer is willing to make an effort to please clients. Some roofers even ask a lot of questions to make sure they can address every concern their clients have. Of course, politeness should go both ways, so it’s important to talk to them in a pleasant tone.

I hope that this list of traits defining a good roofer helps you find the best roofing contractor for the work you need done. By looking for these signs you will have a better roofing experience and save money.



About the Author:

Steve Campbell is the owner of the Patriot Roofing. He’s specializing in the construction and roofing industries for the past 40 years. In fact in the last 17 years, his passionate approach in the roofing field has already brought a number of recognitions for him and for his company. He enjoys writing about his experiences and the things he knows that are helpful for others, which he channels through his blogs.