How to Sell More Real Estate Listings with Great Property Photo Editing?

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

If you want to make an impression on home hunters, real estate property pictures are one of the best ways that can serve the purpose. However, the pictures you use must be perfect for the viewer. You must learn some smart tips and tricks that can help you grab the attention of potential buyers through your photo editing skills.

Here are a few tips mentioned to help you sell more real estate listings with great property photo editing.

Adjust the Level

First of all, you must know how to adjust the level of your camera to make everything, from the lighting to the angle, perfect. You can also use some tools like a tripod to keep the camera at a certain height. Once the level and height of your camera are right, no one can stop you from editing the real estate property pictures to make them look sophisticated, inviting, and impactful. It will further grab the attention of the buyers to help you sell more listings.

Remove or Edit Objects

You might get a perfect picture and later notice that it has a dustbin, a stray animal, or a watering hose in the background. So, if you want to remove or edit any element from your real estate picture, you should choose the right app or software first. You can copy any spot from the picture and paste it anywhere else. It will help you get rid of distracting elements quickly.


Different backgrounds can also help you achieve the best quality picture of a real estate property. You can simply use a background remover tool to highlight the subject in the picture. It is better if you add a solid color behind the subject to make it a center of attention for buyers. All it requires is a few clicks and you will have a perfect picture to achieve your target of selling more real estate listings.

Minor Additions

Minor additions to your pictures can add life to your real estate property. For instance, you can add a fireplace, TV screen, plants, hangings, and beautiful paintings. This way, you can design virtually staged photos of vacant homes to carry out the virtual staging process successfully. It will allow you to showcase your property at its highest potential. However, it depends upon the requirements of clients that what type of furnishing they want to see in a property. You can also use their ideas to add value to your real estate property photos.


When it comes to the editing of real estate pictures, you should learn to crop them to enhance the beauty of your frame. It will help change the aspect ratio to highlight the subject in the picture. This way, your property will stand out from the others in the neighborhood. You should also pay attention to the detailed features to ensure that you don’t crop anything that must be there in the picture.

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