7 Security Tips To Keep Your Jewelry Safe

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Jewelry damage and theft are widespread in the world today. The high value and attractive nature of jewelry put it under constant threat, especially when kept at home. If you own, let’s say, a diamond wedding band, the last thing you want is to lose it or have it damaged.

The only way to ensure the safety of all your jewelry is by investing in their security. If you own diamond jewelry and want to store it at home, start with having a security plan. This post will discuss some security tips that will help you keep your jewelry safe from various threats.

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Here’s what you should do to ensure safety in your home.

1.   Check Your Door Locks

The first line of defense you have in your home is your lock. Compromised locks will give anyone with malicious intent an easy time getting into your home. If the locks are in perfect condition, it might take time to break-in, and you’ll have enough time to respond to alerts.

Ensure you invest in a high-quality front door. Also, ensure you use the best deadbolt on the market. This will be enough to keep off a determined burglar because they’ll need time to get past the door. There are even smart doors installed with cameras; you can consider buying one.

2.   Invest in a Security System

A home security system contains a lot of safety tools integrated together. You need to invest in a home security system that doesn’t leave any loopholes that an attacker might use. For instance, you can invest in cameras, motion detectors, and alarms to ensure 24/7 surveillance.

Anyone holding valuable diamond jewelry at home should think of having such a system. It is the best option for deterring thieves. They might not even try to break in, especially if you indicate a 24-hour security surveillance system is installed in the compound.

You can also go for a more sophisticated security system. For instance, you can link it with your smartphone. This will allow you to observe any activity in and around your home. It’ll also be possible to keep an eye on the storage room and get alerts in case of suspicious activity.

3.   Use a Lock Box or Safe

You cannot overlook the need for a lock box or safe in your home. It’ll help ensure no one can access your diamond jewelry even if they get past the security system. A lock box or safe will help ensure you have all your diamond jewelry in a central and secure location.

There are different types of jewelry that you might need to store. Examples include rings, earrings, and bracelets. Or, you could also store wedding bands, bangles, and necklaces. All these require proper storage, especially if made from diamonds.

If you own a diamond bracelet, you might wonder how to keep it safe. Well, you can start by designating a specific storage location. Then remove it before washing hands and before sleeping. Also, ensure you keep it away from kids and pets. Do this for all your other jewelry.

4.   Keep an Inventory

You might own a lot of diamond jewelry in your home if you love wearing it. It is possible to lose some of it and not even realize it. Thus, it is good to keep an inventory of the jewelry you have in your home. This will ensure you know even when a small diamond ring goes missing.

But keeping an inventory isn’t enough. You also need to check if it is up to date or if you’ve lost some jewelry. This is especially when you are cleaning your jewelry. Keeping track of your jewelry inventory is another way to ensure that every valuable item you own stays safe.

5.   Make Sure Your Jewelry Is Hidden

It’s not advisable to leave your jewelry exposed to prying eyes. It would be best if you kept it far from any suspicious person’s reach. Even if you store jewelry in a safe or lock box, ensure you hide it even from the reach of your kids. This will ensure your diamond jewelry is even safer.

The same goes for the combination of numbers you use to unlock your lock box or safe. Or, some of these boxes come with physical keys. You need to keep them hidden far from anyone’s reach. Some jewelry owners even have private underground storage for their jewelry.

6.   Stay Home During Repairs

Jewelry owners should be careful about anything that could expose their jewelry. If you have ongoing repairs at home, ensure you’re present. Do not let outsiders working in your home be by themselves. They might accidentally bump into your jewelry and get tempted to hide it.

If you cannot be home, it’ll be better to postpone work. Please do not allow them to work with instructions to avoid some areas of your home. This would make them curious and want to check what’s hidden there. With jewelry, you should operate with the principle of zero trust.

7.   Open an Insurance Policy

It would be best if you did not overlook the need for an insurance policy. It doesn’t matter how safe your home is; ensure you take an insurance policy for your diamond jewelry. The reality is that you can never be immune to an attack. You should have insurance cover as extra security.

Besides, there are other threats that you should be careful about. Fires and flooding are some of the best examples. Some insurers specialize in jewelry. You can reach out to them and take an insurance policy. We would advise you to take a comprehensive jewelry insurance policy.

You Can Now Secure Your Jewelry at Home

Those are some security measures you can take to secure your jewelry. Diamond jewelry has an appealing look that makes it an easy target for thieves. The good news is that you now know the various steps to ensure your jewelry doesn’t get stolen from your home.

As mentioned, your lock is the first line of defense you have against theft. You should check it to ensure it’s in position all the time. Then, investing in a safe or lockbox will be perfect. You can safely store everything from engagement rings to proposal rings and wedding rings in one safe.

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