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Give Your Room a Spring Makeover with these Crazy Gadgets

Springtime means it’s spring cleaning season, but while you’re buzzing around getting your room sparkling clean why not consider a few updates? Your bedroom is likely one of the rooms you spend the most time in, so invest in a few great pieces that will add some organization and fun to your room! You don’t need an interior designer for a quick update, here is a list of a few cool gadgets that will help give your room a spring makeover this season!

1. Paint-by-number painting kit

This item might be more of an art project than a gadget but it is just too cool not to mention! If you’re looking to add a little romantic or artistic touch to your room this spring, try a paint-by-number painting kit! You’ll probably remember these from when you were a kid but they’ve been given a much-needed adult makeover. It’s easy – you simply use the paint that comes with the kit to color inside of numbered blocks. In the end, you’ll have created a beautiful painting perfect for hanging in your room! Aliexpress offers inexpensive paint-by-number painting kits that cover everything from gorgeous landscapes to replicas of paintings from your favorite artists. Unleash your inner artist this spring and save big with this brilliant Aliexpress discount code!

2. Laser starlight projector

With this cool gadget you can replicate a starry night inside your own bedroom! With a starlight projector, you can instantly project a field of drifting stars across the ceiling of your room. Imagine dining under the stars or falling asleep in a peaceful, starlit room! There are many different models of star projectors available. More simple models use LED lights to project a blanket of stars, while more advanced models can create very realistic panoramas of the night sky including stars, comets, galaxies and clouds! Whichever model you choose, you’ll be able to recreate a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your home this spring!

3. Digital Plant Sensor

Do you have trouble keeping your houseplants alive? If your green thumb is a little lacking, you need a digital plant sensor! A digital plant sensor is a tech device that you insert into the soil of your favorite house plant. These useful little gadgets do everything from measuring sunlight, temperature, and moisture, to giving you feedback on soil conditions, PH levels, and more. With the help of this gadget, you’ll never have another houseplant die on you again! Use a couple of these plant sensors to keep your plants alive and healthy this spring and you’ll be able to transform your room into a garden oasis!

4. Audio bedtime headband

Falling asleep in spring can be a challenge! The sun rises earlier, birds start making all sorts of noise in the early hours, and outdoor construction projects often begin. Did you know that a great way to combat sleeplessness during any season is by listening to music? In fact, many reputable sources claim that listening to music before going to sleep can actually help you sleep better! If you have trouble getting your beauty sleep this spring, invest in an audio bedtime headband. These innovative new gadgets are perfect for people that have trouble falling asleep with headphones. Since they are made of a soft fabric that wraps around your head, they won’t hurt your ears like small earbuds can. Audio headbands use Bluetooth technology to link up with your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and allow you to access all your favorite audio files while falling asleep!

5. Motorized curtains

We’ve dealt with springtime noise but what about unwanted morning sunlight? The sun shining is fantastic with an early cup of coffee, but not so much when you’re still trying to get a little shut-eye. Consider upgrading your old curtains with some tech-savvy motorized ones! Motorized curtains can be set on a schedule so that they’ll open or close according to a timer. Many models even allow you to set them to open slowly so that you can wake up gradually with natural light!

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