Roof Repair and Maintenance – Your Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on April 20, 2022 by Kravelv

A roof helps in protecting your house from external elements, as well as maintaining the external appearance of your home. Professional roof repairs and maintenance, thus, are essential if you want your roof to last long.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t take this seriously. Eventually, they end up replacing their roofs before reaching the end of their lifespan.

The following is the ultimate roof repair and maintenance guide that will ensure that your roof lasts long.

roof maintenance project

Repairing your roof

Hail damage

Hail damages are common after a hail storm. It might be a challenge to determine the extent of the damage to your roof after a hailstorm. However, there are several ways to check whether your roof is damaged—just check your gutters. If they are damaged, then there’s a possibility for your roof to be damaged too.

Cracks and tears

Tiles or shingles roofs are susceptible to cracking with time. These cracks, in turn, can lead to potential leaks. Yes, you might not see some of these cracks from the ground, but a professional roof inspector can identify them by performing a close inspection. Therefore, you should let your roof get inspected regularly by an expert to identify and deal with these damages.


The skylight on your roof can easily develop a leak if it’s damaged. Such damages can lead to complex and costly repair. This mostly happens because the shingles surrounding the skylight should be removed, and new flashing installed around the skylight. After that, the roofer must install new shingles.

Wind damage

Roofs are prone to strong winds, especially if the installation wasn’t done correctly. Therefore, always make sure that the roofing contractor installs the decking correctly when installing your roof. Failure to do so risks your roof is damaged in the event of strong winds. However, if you suspect that strong winds have caused any form of damage to your roof, consider calling professional roofers immediately. They will inspect your roof, repair any damages, and strengthen the decking to prevent future damages.

Maintaining your roof

Visual inspections

The first step towards keeping your roof in a good condition is knowing what to look for whenever you are inspecting your roof. Some of the common things to check are loose or missing shingles on your roof. Also, you can check around your compound for fallen shingles. 

Besides, check whether the nails holding the shingles are loose. At times, this will mean taking a ladder and climbing on your roof. However, you should be careful with this to avoid falling and hurting yourself. If possible, let a professional do the job.

Also, don’t forget to inspect the flashing. This is essential, especially in the areas where the chimney or flashing connect to the roof. In case you notice any missing caulk, rust, or any other problem, contact a roofing contractor immediately.

Debris accumulation

The roofing contractors from Chicago say that debris accumulation on your roof can lead to roof damages. Some debris, like leaves, can even cause staining or fungal growth on your roof. This, in turn, can lead to the growth of moss, which can reduce the lifespan of your roof. Therefore, you should always remove any debris on your roof to prevent potential damage. Moreover, seek assistance from professional roofers in the event you suspect any form of damage to your roof. They can assist in cleaning, identifying, and repairing any damages on your roof.

Clean the gutters

Debris can easily accumulate on your gutters, thus weighing down your roof. In addition to this, the debris can make it hard for water to drain properly. Failing to clean your gutters risks serious damages to the structural integrity of the entire building.

Yes, cleaning gutters can be a painful task. However, you cannot compare this with the repair costs that you’ll need to incur when you fail to clean your gutters. Moreover, the debris on your gutters make them the perfect breeding and hiding ground for pests and rodents. So, keep your gutters clean if you want to curb pest and rodent infestation.

Check for signs of leaks and water damage

As a homeowner, you should always know how to identify any possible signs of leakages and water damage. The best way to do this is to inspect the attic area. Check for signs of discoloration or water stains on the ceiling and walls. If you see any of these signs, there’s a possibility that your roof is leaking.

Water damage can lead to other issues like bug, rodent, and termite infestation, as well as mold growth. Therefore, you contact a roofing contractor the moment you identify these signs.