Renovation Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

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Moving up the property ladder can be tricky. When you are selling your house, there are a number of things you need to consider, one of the most important being adding as much value as possible to your property. If you can’t afford to spend thousands on building a loft conversion or turning your garage into a mini gym, there are some small changes you can make that can still have a big impact, without costing you a fortune.

Make sure the structure is sound

Ensuring that your home is structurally sound is essential if you are considering selling up. Although these repairs can become costly, you can guarantee that you get the money back, and more, in the asking price of your home. This includes fixing issues such as loose roof tiles, leaking windows, bowing walls, or rising damp. Once you hire a conveyancing solicitor, it will be one of the first things they investigate, so there is no way around it if you want to get maximum profit against your house.

Refurbish the front door

Making your front door look smart isn’t a mammoth task, however it can add some real value to the price of your home. Give it a fresh lick of paint in a neutral or classic colour, or if it is a white UPVC door, give it a good wash to make it shine again. Buy a new brass door handle and letter box as well to give your door an extra bit of facelift.

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Make an impression with your hallway

The first thing a potential buyer will see when they walk into your house is your hall way. However, it is one of the most neglected parts of the house, where we throw our shoes, leave our bags and allow letters and newspapers to pile up. If you want to make an impression, first of all make sure this area is completely clear. If it has become unkempt over the years, replace the wallpaper and give it a fresh lick of paint. Even though this space can be cramped, adding a mirror either side can make the space feel a lot bigger than it actually is.

Concentrate on the Bathroom

The kitchen has always been the focus room of the house, however over recent years, more people are paying attention to the bathroom. It has become the room that people like to go to when they want to unwind and relax, therefore the décor needs to reflect this. If someone sees a sorry looking bathroom, it could put them off buying your house entirely.

You can easily transform your bathroom by making a few easy changes, that won’t cost you the earth and you can probably do yourself. Fix any broken tiles that are making your bathroom look scruffy, and re-grout in between all of your tiles, so that they are fresh white, rather than discolored and attracting mould.

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If your bathroom is looking outdated, update your faucets. Shiny new taps can make your bathroom look almost brand new and really go someway to make your bathroom a focus within the house. Also, your bathroom floor plays a bit part in its overall look, so if yours looks over worn, try vinyl flooring. You can find high quality vinyl for next to nothing in price and it is easy enough to lay down yourself, using domestic adhesive.


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