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Real Estate Recruiters: 6 Signs You’ve Found a Good One

When it comes to hiring new agents for your brokerage, the best course of action is usually to work with real estate recruiters. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that your human resources staff have not performed a good job of hiring people. However, it’s the life work of a good real estate agent recruiter to find the best fit—not just for positions but for companies.

The operative word here is “good.” Keep in mind that sometimes, it’s difficult to distinguish them from bad ones because bad ones can be great salespersons. To help you out, here are some signs that mark a good recruiter:

They Know the Industry Inside and Out

To be a good recruiter means to know what the job requires. This means knowing the industry inside and out, from the latest technological trends to the must-know people and organizations. By being intimately familiar with the industry, real estate agent recruiters can recommend the most suitable person to help achieve your goals.

They Use the Right Tools

Being a recruiter, whether for real estate or other industries, can be an exhausting job. You can trawl through hundreds of applications without ever finding a good match for a single position. This is why good recruiters know how to take advantage of technology and make it work for them.

Check if the real estate recruiter you’re working with or are planning to work with employs tools such as CRMs, lead monitoring, and the like. (Do note that many real estate software combine a host of features in one platform.) Investing in tools is an indicator that they’re focused on efficiency, so that they can help clients fill empty positions with quality candidates in the soonest possible time.

They Get to Know You

A recruiter essentially works for two clients: you and their potential recruits. This means that in order to know what kinds of people you want for your team, a recruiter must first get to know you first. They should have an idea about your goals and what you’re willing to invest in to achieve those goals. From there, they can start the process of getting to know candidates and determine if someone is a good fit.

Be wary of real estate recruiters who say they can provide you with the best agents without trying to understand your company and its goals. Good recruiters make an effort to get to know your brokerage and the things that are important to you as an employer. This way, they can always send applicants who are not only skilled but can also add something of value to your company culture.

They Listen to Your Needs

A recruiter’s focus is knowing where to find good candidates and how to convince them to join your brokerage. However, at the end of the day, it’s still you who will determine what makes a “good candidate.” It’s your brokerage and your culture, which means you know deep down what kind of person will fulfill the job.

Of course, you should hear out the advice of recruiters. They’re the ones who have established contact with applicants, so they may be seeing something that you don’t. Still, it’s going to be you who will have the final say. If a recruiter keeps on insisting and talking over you, perhaps you’re working with the wrong one. A good recruiter will listen and make recommendations, but not force you to hire someone.

They Are Honest

Sometimes, you might have trouble finding the right candidate even with the help of recruiters. This could be for a variety of reasons—perhaps you’ve set unrealistic qualifications or your offers aren’t good enough. Whatever it is, a good recruiter will tell you what you need to hear. They’re honest and, more importantly, willing to admit if there’s something going wrong or something that you need to change.

Of course, you don’t always have to wait for your recruiter to give you updates. Sometimes, you might even have a hunch that something’s not right. It’s good to be proactive so that you and your recruiter can fix issues as soon as possible.

They Build Relationships

A good recruiter is a professional. They don’t end their relationship with you after they help you fill a job opening. Instead, they continue to keep in touch, asking how the new hire is faring, and if there’s anything more they can do. Even if you aren’t looking, a good recruiter might throw a CV or two your way, just because they think they could be a good fit in the future.

In short, a good recruiter always goes the extra mile. They don’t see you as a one-time transaction, but rather a long-time investment. They continue to cultivate working relationships with you, whether or not you’re looking to hire new real estate agents. It’s also in your best interests to maintain a good relationship with recruiters, especially to expand your professional network.

The process of recruiting real estate agents might seem simple on paper, but it’s much more challenging in practice. That’s why you need a partner—a good real estate agent recruiter—to help you find the best of the best.

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