Property Visas and Residential Apartments in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the best destinations for property investors, as the city offers luxurious ranges of apartments, villas, and other types of residential properties. Anyone can purchase a property in Dubai, though foreign buyers must adhere to a few crucial legal guidelines.

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When you purchase the Dubai apartments for sale, the UAE government offers a visa to the buyers. However, depending on the property price, the visa’s validity may vary. In the following section, find the property visa rules in Dubai. Nevertheless, the article gives a guide on the types of apartments that you can see in Dubai.

Who Can Purchase an Apartment in Dubai?

A UAE citizen can easily find and buy properties in Dubai. But, how can the non-citizens of Dubai purchase apartments here? Are they legally allowed to purchase residential properties in this city? The UAE government wants to attract foreign investments in the different business sectors. Along with the other industries, the government wants investments in real estate too.

Foreign citizens can purchase properties in Dubai after procuring their property visas. However, buyers have to invest in any freehold property to become eligible for this visa. Notably, the visa comes with a specific duration, and thus you need to renew it after certain intervals.

Types of Property Visa in Dubai

The UAE government offers different types of property visas to real estate investors and buyers. Visas come into different categories depending on their validity period. Find a basic introduction to these categories below.

  • 3-Year property Visa: Buyers get this visa if they purchase property worth Dh1 million or more. Procuring this visa makes a person default citizen of the UAE. In addition, you can obtain a driving license based on this visa.
  • 5-Year Property Visa: You get the visa if you purchase a property worth Dh2 million or more. You will get residency in the UAE for five years, and the visa will help you sponsor your family and acquire a driving license.

Property buyers can renew these visas after five and three years respectively. However, if you purchase a property that values lesser than Dh1 million, you will not get these visas. In such cases, you have to apply for citizenship separately.

Types of Apartments in Dubai

Dubai offers different types of residential properties to property buyers and investors. The most luxurious option is a villa which brings more space and privacy. However, the city also offers sophisticated apartments. Staying in an apartment in a high-rise building in Dubai is an exotic experience.

Property buyers will find different kinds of apartments in this city. Depending on the space, type, and luxurious instruments, the price of these properties varies. Find a guide on different types of apartments in Dubai in the following section.

1. Railroad Apartment

Typically, a railroad apartment is perfect for those who love space. Such apartments will have a corridor straight to the back divider. Since rooms are on the same side of the apartment, people call it a railroad apartment. The advantage is that you will get a large lobby and kitchen. However, bedrooms will be adjacent in such apartments.

2. Single-Bedroom Apartments

Dubai is a perfect city for business tourists, entrepreneurs, etc. Therefore, many people want to have a second home in Dubai, and a one-bedroom apartment is ideal for such people. Affordability is the advantage of such properties. On the other hand, small space is the drawback.

3. Studio Apartment

The most popular apartment type in Dubai is the studio apartment, and most developers have such apartments for their compactness. The apartment will have a decent living room space, while the bedrooms will not be adjacent. Therefore, dwellers can enjoy more privacy.

4. Basement Apartment

While living in a high-rise building with an apartment on the top floor is exciting, basement apartments can also magnetise the buyers. The apartments developed beneath the road level are basement apartments. Such apartments are not rare in Dubai, and the price can be lesser than the apartments on the top floors of the tall buildings.

So, these are the types of apartments if you want to purchase the Dubai apartments for sale. Before buying an apartment, you need to check the apartment type. Moreover, you need to keep the property buyer visas in mind while selecting the properties in this city. Property buyers and investors can search for the latest luxurious properties in Dubai at Ever Homes. Visit the company’s online portal to check the availability of different properties.

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