NZEB – What’s Involved

Last Updated on April 14, 2022 by Kravelv

NZEB which stands for “nearly zero energy buildings” is now fully implemented in Ireland as a directive from the European Union. With so much focus on being more environmentally aware in today’s world, it should be seen as a welcome move to the building sector. While it might mean extra work in order to bring properties up to standard and it certainly will require a degree of monetary outlay, ultimately, it will help the residential sector to reduce their reliance on heating and thus help the environment.

The news and media, in general, are very focused on climate change and related issues especially with the impact that campaigner Greta Thunberg has had on the world. As individuals, at times it can be difficult to see how our change of behavior in relation to the environment can impact something so vast as the global environment or climate change but it is really all about making these changes to our attitude and behaviors towards the environment.

Inevitably, following these NZEB guidelines will require us to spend more money when carrying out building work or renovations but ultimately, in the long run, it will mean our buildings will be vastly more environmentally friendly and efficient thus reducing our long term heating bills. That is surely a win-win for everyone!

The guys at Senator Windows have put together everything you need to know about NZEB requirements in the infographic below. It defines what NZEB and details what it means for new builds and renovation projects also. It explains the benefits of NZEB and breaks down the requirements that are necessary. Check out the full details on the dedicated infographic below.

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