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The Steps to Take After Moving into Your First Home

Stepping inside your new home will be one of the most thrilling moments of your life. The property will personify all the hard work, sacrifice, and effort you have made to secure a mortgage.

However, you must look for ways to feel safe and comfortable as soon as possible, which will make the house feel like a home. Here are the steps to take after moving into your first home.

Change the Locks as Soon as You Can

It is a smart decision to change the property’s locks soon after you have received the keys. By doing so, you can sleep peacefully in your bed knowing the past owner or their loved ones cannot access the property with a key. Remember, you cannot be sure how many people will have a copy of the key. Improve your home’s security by hiring a reputable locksmith to change the locks on moving in day.

Call Utility Companies

Unless you have called utility companies in advance, don’t expect to enjoy electricity, gas, or running water when moving into your new home. Make the transition to your home much smoother by notifying power and water providers of your moving-in date. It will provide access to the utilities as soon as you step inside your first home. If desired, you could organize for internet and phone installation on the day you move in, too.

Find the Main Water Valve and Circuit Breaker Box

Most new homeowners don’t think twice about finding the main water valve or circuit breaker box. However, accidents can happen in your new home, especially if it features hidden issues or you are embarking on building work. Once you know where they are located, you can quickly turn off the power or water supply in an emergency to protect your loved ones and the property.

Deep Clean Your Property

Before you unload your boxes, you must deep clean the property from top to bottom. While the last thing you might want to do is mop floors, vacuum carpets, or scrub surfaces, it will eliminate signs of the past owner and create a fresh, fragrant property. Alternatively, you could organize a professional cleaning company to visit your new home before moving in. It will ensure your interior sparkles once you step inside.

Register Your New Address

Stop your mail from arriving at your old home by registering your new address on moving in day. You can update your information with US Post Office services. Don’t forget to update your bank, credit card companies, insurance companies, and local DMV office with your new details, too.

Check Your Crawlspaces for Potential Problems

Once you arrive at the property, explore your home for potential issues to prioritize your time and finances once you move in. For example, inspect your home’s crawlspaces for various problems, such as:

If you can spot a problem early, you could prevent it from spiraling out of control and impacting your home’s structural integrity.

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