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More uses for vacuum that will make your life easier

Do you just use your vacuum for vacuuming dirty carpet and nowhere else? If so, you’re missing out on a lot of other awesome things you can do with this awesome cleaning tool. Whether you’ve owned an upright, cordless, or canister, this household appliance has never been more versatile, powerful, and even fun as you’ll see soon enough. 

You might require an attachment or two, but don’t mind the extra investment, it’s worth it! Here’s more on what a rather humble vacuum can do.

Cleaning the mattress

Dust mites, dust, and other tiny dirt are collected by mattresses over time. Get rid of all these by running the vacuum across the bed, making sure to get into all cracks and crevices.

Apart from sucking up pet fur, vacuuming also kills fleas. A study at Ohio State University revealed that vacuuming kills 96% of fleas in any stage of their lives, thanks mainly to that powerful air current.

Prolong your fridge’s life

Your refrigerator’s insides aren’t the only part that requires cleaning —don’t forget about the exterior bottom! After pulling the refrigerator away from the wall, use a vacuum attachment to clean the coils, where dust can collect and impair its performance.

Find lost jewellery

Precious earring rolled under a furniture or heavy dresser? Just place hosiery at the end of the vacuum cleaner attachment, then vacuum into or under that hard-to-reach area to retrieve your valuables.

Inflating the kiddie pool

Many vacuum features reverse suction or blower action, which you can use to blow up a kiddie pool quickly. No need to strain your lungs!

Remove gunk out of your keyboard

Use a micro-dusting attachment set for your vacuum and start sucking out all those embarrassing and pest-tempting crumbs lodged in and around your keyboard buttons.

Give life to old or dirty throw pillows

Just sprinkle baking soda, let it sit for 30 minutes, then use your vacuum’s brush attachment to remove dirt, stain, and odor from the pillow. The same technique can be used for carpets and other furniture with a similar texture.

Get rid of flies and mosquitoes

If the fly swatter doesn’t seem to be working, try going after those pesky bugs using your extension hose. At the very least, you’ll entertain your kids (and yourself).

Polish your ceiling fans

Most people just don’t think or care about the state of their ceiling fan—until they look up and see how dusty/dirty the blades are. Purchase a ceiling fan attachment. It’s a long tube that bends at the end to solve this issue.

Make the house smell fresher

You can use a vacuum to clean the household air by adding essential oils onto a cotton ball and place in the empty bag, then letting it run for a few minutes.

Cleaning the curtains

No need to drag those drapes to the dry cleaner because you can simply use an upholstery attachment to suck up all dust and debris where the curtains hang.

End Note

Of course, there are other clever ways you can use your trusty vacuum around and beyond the home. If yours is old or worst, you don’t have one, then buy Vacuum cleaners online at Harvey Norman or a store near you. Remember, pricier isn’t exactly better. Choose a brand with features that you need.

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