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Maximizing the Storage Capacity of Your Garden Shed

Hoses, tools, boxes, lawn mowers, plants and the dragon that flew away from the set of Game of Thrones – all of these can be found in a garden shed, but only in a properly organized one. With so many items that cannot seem to find their place in our homes, sheds are a great solution that saves a ton of space and keeps the clutter out. However, not all sheds are good sheds and, in order to utilize your shed’s full capacity, you should rearrange it as soon as possible. Here are several tips that might help you.

No More Tripping

There is no greater mess than when a small shed gets overrun by a bunch of hoses – they are literally all over the place and you cannot get rid of them. That is why you should start your shed organization by taking care of these. The easiest thing to do is use a hook mounted to a wall and wrap it on it. If a wall mounted rack is not an option, you can keep your garden hose untangled by coiling it on the ground, wrapping it around a tire rim or keeping it in a big box.

Good Shelves Equal Less Trouble

Most sheds have a huge storage issue because they are equipped with improper shelves. Not many things can be fitted in them and they look like they could collapse any minute now. That is why installing quality shelving solutions is a must if you want to make the most of your shed. Make sure your shelves are adjustable and flexible so that you can rearrange them when necessary.

Use Your Height

People seldom use the high space of their sheds, leaving it unoccupied – even though they are dying for storage capacity – and that is why height is another major issue in modern sheds. Some of them are taller than the others and you can do a lot when it comes to vertical organization. Another great idea are storage bins you can hang from the ceiling. They are cheap to buy, easy to mount and will store a great number of things, saving you so much space.

Indoor Garden

Gardening enthusiasts are always looking for new ways of protecting their precious plants against cold weather and a small shed might be the perfect solution. You do not have to hang your plants all over the place – this takes too much room, after all – but introducing a potting bench will definitely solve your problems. You will be able to store all your gardening equipment (pots, containers, plants, potting mix bags, gardening tools, etc.) at one place and keep the rest of the shed free for other items.

Where Are My Tools?

Handy people tend to have a bunch of tools in their garden sheds. This is great when they need something fixed quickly, but less great when they cannot find a certain tool due to the mess. Two effective ways to prevent this is by storing all your tools in a tool box – do not spend money on an expensive model, but build one on your own – or using a tool hanger. That way, you will avoid having tools lying all around the shed and thus make the most of your walls.

Other Ideas to Explore

This is not all you can do to maximize the storage space of your garage shed – you can also try using wall-mounted hooks, building big cabinets, hanging your wheelbarrow and ladders on the walls or the ceiling, and so on. The options are limitless and all you need to do is find the ones that suit you and your shed the most.

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