Why You Should Choose to Install Blinds Instead of Curtains

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Who does not want to live in Sydney? This city has two of the most iconic and recognisable landmarks; the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Aside from this, Sydney is the largest and most cosmopolitan city of Australia and boasts of sunny days for at least 300 days of the year. 

Residents of Sydney are accustomed to the city’s wealth of sunny days as reflected by the types of windows that they have in their homes. Most homes have large windows to let the sunshine in. However, a plain glass window does not increase the value of a house, and therefore, window coverings and treatments are installed to improve their looks and functionality. One popular window treatment is by installing roller blinds in Sydney on the inside of the windows. 

Why Use Roller Blinds Instead of Curtains? 

While curtains may add value to windows and are still the preferred window treatment by many, installing roller blinds offer a lot of advantages. There are times when the use of curtains does not fit the overall aesthetics of the room just as a well-fitted roller blind would. Because curtains are bulky, they tend to make a room feel much smaller than it is. So, for smaller rooms, the use of roller blinds is a more appealing option

  • Maintenance and Cleaning

For homes with small children and pets, having full-length curtains can be burdensome when it comes to maintaining their cleanliness. Children with dirty hands may reach the curtains and stain them. Pets, such as cats, may find joy in climbing the curtains. Curtains made up of fabric may also trap pet dander that may cause allergies to the members of the household. When it comes to getting curtains cleaned, curtains are bulky and may require professional laundry services to have them cleaned. On the other hand, roller blinds can easily be cleaned just by wiping them with a damp cloth. 

  • Blinds are More Practical

If your home has a lot of windows, the more practical option is to install roller blinds on them. Installing curtains on every window may become too costly, depending on the fabric of your choice. Curtains may also make rooms smaller, which can make family members feel uneasy, especially those that have claustrophobia. Blinds are also cheaper to install than windows. 

  • Complete Light Control

Although curtains can be used to block out a room, the curtains you need to have installed are heavy and too bulky. On the other hand, there are roller blinds that are designed specifically to block out the light entering the room completely. Other roller blinds may prevent light from entering but may leave some light to drift through the sides of the blinds and the window frames.

  • Easy to Operate

Roller blinds can easily be manipulated to close and open with just a pull of the cord. Because they are lightweight, it is easier to pull blinds open than having to manipulate full-length curtains to open and close. 

  • Attractive Design

Roller blinds in Sydney offer a more contemporary look to any home because of their clean and simple lines that are fitted perfectly against a window or glass wall. Roller blinds may come in different colours, and you may have your roller blind materials customised by roller blind manufacturers in Sydney. 

So, if you have the option to choose between curtains and roller blinds, installing blinds will give you the most benefits. 


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  1. Thanks for pointing out that ease of cleaning is a good way to choose blinds for my windows. My roommate recently moved out of my apartment so I’d to be able to lessen the chores I have to do at home. As such, I’d prefer to get blinds installed in my bedroom that’s very low maintenance.

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