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How to Prepare Your Home for a Roof Replacement?

Getting a new roof for your home is undoubtedly a hectic yet exciting task which requires taking necessary actions as soon as possible. Since your home is the work zone, you need to make sure that it is perfectly ready for a roof replacement.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare your home for a roof replacement.

Move Your Vehicles

It would be the most annoying thing for any homeowner to move his vehicles out of his parking. But it is important to keep your vehicles protected from any damage. It also provides the workers with enough space to place their tools and work comfortably. You can park your vehicles anywhere near your home where you can go and get them easily.

Move  Your Furniture

When you get your roof installed by any of the roofing contractors, it is highly likely that any debris or shingle might end up falling on your furniture causing damage to it.

Also, the contractor might have to walk into your home to inspect the roof from inside. If you really want to keep your assets and furniture saved, you need to move your furniture into storage or garage beforehand.

Secure the Windows & Doors

Falling shingles and debris can also cause damage to your windows and doors. You need to cover them with wooden boards to ensure that they are protected.  

Protect the Attic

The attic becomes vulnerable when you start replacing or installing your roof. It can collect a lot of dust and debris which can cause severe damages. So, you need to cover your attic with protective layers or sheets to keep it and its assets clean.

Remove Fragile Items

Since a lot of vibrations would be caused by the use of machinery, you need to keep fragile items like glass, dishes, plates, and other breakables away from the walls of your home. Instead of keeping it on shelves, you can keep them stored in a safer place.

Remove Wall Hangings

You may have many wall hangings like photos, décor, and mirrors which are at higher risk of falling down and get broken due to the vibrations caused by the roof replacement. It is recommended to remove these things before to make your home ready for the replacement.

Trim Trees & Plants

Trees and plants are one of the most important parts of your home. You need to ensure their protection by trimming the overhanging branches and marking the expensive plants which need extra care.

If you have hired a reliable contractor for roof repair Macomb county Michigan then he will keep in mind not to harm your precious trees and plants around the structure. If not, thenyou can inform your contractor to bring your special trees and plants into his notice while he works on your roof.

Protect the Garage

If your garage doesn’t have the insulation, you need to get it before your roof replacement. It would help to keep your garage saved from the granules and dust. Otherwise, the paint of your garage would eventually get scratched off and deteriorated.

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