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How to know when it’s time to replace the roof?

It is very crucial for having a solid roof on your head, used to having a strong roof will be helping in dealing minor problems which are related to roof and you can live a peaceful life leak-free home. The stronger your roof is you will know that it will deal with minor issues before they get bigger.

Here are following signs with the help of which you will be aware of when to replace your roof.

The lifespan of shingle roof

The lifespan of an asphalt shingle is between 20 to 30 years. If you have 40-year-old rood, then it means there could be a problem in your roofing and it’s the time to replace the roof and if you get to know that your neighbors are replacing their roof, then, you should also do the same.

Curling of shingles

According to National roofing contractors association, if your shingles have started curling, then it’s the time to replace your roof. Shingles curl in two way, first when its edges turn upward and there is clawing, second is, when edges stay flat and middle comes out. These are the signs you need to replace your roofing.

All  shingles are missing

From a user point of view, there should be no problem with just replacing a new shingle but you should know that is not possible to get a shingle of the same color because granule color has changed over the years. If your roof starts to look like a checkboard, then you should definitely replace it.

The shingles are cracked

If your shingles are cracked, then, that is the result of wind damage and there are few chances of replacing the roof but if the cracks are visible at different areas of the roof then you should start thinking about a new roof.

Granules in gutter

If you have just got a new asphalt shingle roof and you find granules in the gutter, then, it’s nothing to be worried about but if they are 10 to 15 year old then, granules help keep the sunlight away from shingles and they start to heat.

You can see sunlight from the attic

If you can see sunlight from the attic, then, this is not a good sign. The reason is that if light can get in through the attic, then, rain, cold air, and snow can also get into your attic. Check if there are any water stains. If you find any then this is the time when you should be worried about your roof because you have got leakage. Small leaks can be patched, but a larger one, structural damage and the age factor related to your roof will help in making a decision about changing it.

Sagging of entire roof

Now, this is a serious problem. A sagging roof is a warning of issue related to your roof. It could be a problem with decking in the attic or may be worse than that but you are not in coming up danger as it can be treated carefully and if you handle this problem while it small in size, then, there is nothing to be worried about.

All the above-mentioned signs clearly indicate that it is the time to replace your existing roof with the new material so it can serve you in the long run. You can contact roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan for better consideration of quality services. We hope that you will be able to maintain your roof by taking care of it.

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