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How to Decorate A Small Space With Bigger Appeal

With the passing time, homes are becoming smaller in both senses. The families are nuclear and the space to live is quite small. This will be an ongoing trend with the increasing cost of properties. The biggest challenge here is to decorate a small space in such a way that it looks big, well organized and comfortable for the people to stay. While you cannot literally increase the space, you can actually make it look bigger following some tips and tricks. There are several things that can help you achieving the goal. Here, are some of them.

Color It Well

It is important that you color the ceiling of the room so that it looks taller. You can also use wallpaper in order to make it look big. If there is something that can draw the eyes upward it will make the room look taller. It can be starwallpaper or it can be a vibrant paint that draws attention. It will eventually look taller.

Coloring properly is applicable for the walls too. It is important to use lighter shades as that would make the room look bigger. You can use monochrome coloring option for your room where shades of a color will be used for the whole room. You can use wallpaper in adjacent walls as that would draw attention and the room will appear to be bigger than it originally is. The same goes for the floor too. You can use lighter colors on the floor to make the room look bigger that what it originally is. The lighter shades reflect light but the dark colors absorb. This is the reason why using lighter shades will make sense.

Placement of Furniture

Many believe, pushing the furniture to the wall will create more space in the room. While it is not quite wrong it will make the room look small. It is better to keep the furniture in such a way that there is some space between the furniture and the wall. This will create an illusion that there is much more space left to cover. You don’t need to keep much of a gap between the wall and the furniture but just a bit of space will be enough. It can be just few inches.

Apart from the placement, selecting the furniture is a great deal. Use furniture that can be folded, for example a dining table with folding option. You can also use furniture with a lot of storage so that you don’t need to have separate storage options for your home. Even the coffee table or the desk can have storage option.

One idea also suggests decorating the room with big furniture, at least one that stretches. This is more applicable in case of sofa set that can cover the length of the room in such a way that the room will look large.

Windows and shelves

In case you have big windows in your room, you can keep it uncovered instead of using dark covers. This will make the space look big. Same color for the windows as the color of the wall will be additionally beneficial as that will create an illusion that the room is bigger.

As far as shelves are concerned, you can keep anything in it but it shall be placed in the higher region of the room. The vertical space of the room will be utilized in the right manner while you place your shelves in the right place.

Use Mirrors

It is a great idea to use mirrors in a small room. You can either use more than one mirror or you can use a big mirror covering a call. This is an age old technique of making the room look big and spacious. It will create an illusion about the space and that will do the trick for a small room. So, have as many mirrors in the room as possible and nobody will be able to guess the actual space.

People with small living space always try to make the space look bigger. The planning has to be done properly in order to achieve the goal.


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