How To Cut Tree Limbs With Pole Saw

Last Updated on March 25, 2022 by Kravelv

Pole saws eliminate the need for stools, ladders, or ropes and give you a perfect finish. Additionally, it offers extension handles for out-of-reach branches as well. A sharp chain-like structure gives the saw its signature edge over large branches, shrubs, or whatever else has branches. So wanna know how to cut tree limbs with pole saw?

Take a peek below, and we will show you all you need to know before starting your branch trimming DIY projects. 

Is a pole saw worth it?

Pole saws, with their sharp edges and long stick holder, churn out some amazing trimming results. You can remove a selected area without damaging any other tree branches. Turns out, the saws eliminate the need for any ladder or bench for reaching high up. When you are looking for a mind-boggling combo of a pole, and a pruning/trimming saw, get a pole saw a chance. 

Trees regularly need trimming and pruning to thin out limbs or get broken branches out of business. You have to keep a pole saw close as it is an essential tool for your gardening. Manicuring your yard at any time also gets easier while using it. If you want your trees to look their best and stay healthy, try using a pole saw and see a difference. Use a cordless pole saw powered or a battery power pole saw to get the most out of your trimming time. 

How to cut tree limbs with pole saw

To know the pole saw cutting strategy, you need to know some basics of a pole saw and your tree. Don’t rush your way out, as these are important for terms you need to know. 

Determining the cutting thickness

Using a pole saw will ensure cuts between 7 and 9 inches easily. However, the density of the wood makes a huge difference in the time factor. Pole saws can slice through hackberry trees, American planet trees, sugar maple trees, and any other garden trees you have. Your cutting time will increase if the tree is old or the branch is too thick. 

Choosing your pole saw

The right hardware tool creates a huge difference in the final DIY or professional result. So, you need to choose your pole saw carefully and never rush. As a rule of the thumb, try getting a saw greater than 8 inches, and you will be just fine. Additionally, battery power pole saws will offer you more flexibility than a corded one. 

Professional trimmers pick a pole saw which has a length greater than the thickness of your branch. Longer cutting bars ensure effective branch trimming for all newbies and pros. If you usually work with thin branches, getting any good old pole saw will do the trick. 

Knowing the difference (trimming and pruning)

When it comes to garden cleaning, most of us can’t tell apart from trimming and pruning. To protect your trees from shrubs or hedge-overgrowth, you need to do some tree pruning. It involves the removal of dead tree parts or infected limbs, and so on. 

But trimming, in a general sense, means to remove at least half of the branches. DIY gardeners trim their trees in order to create plenty of space between the branches or to attach ornaments in between. At Christmas, we often do trimming the tree to make room for the bells and stars to decorate it. 

Working process (How to)

  • First, take the right pole saw size and determine the width of the branch. 
  • Place the chain saw on the area you want to remove from the tree.
  • Try avoiding improper cuts, as it may ruin improper work quality. 
  • If the branch is over your dog house or anything else, try to shift the cutting angle and tie a rope for safety. 
  • Ask someone to pull on the rope while cutting, and your outcome will turn out just fine. 

Note: The role is not a must if you have nothing under the branch you want to remove. 

Can you use a pole saw to cut down a tree?

Pole saws come with a long handle, and a chain saw extension on the front end. You can tackle hard-to-reach branches, and yes, cut the entire tree. The grip of the saw lets you reach the tree from a distance, giving you safety and cutting efficiency. However, you would need a bigger pole saw to cut down an entire tree. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you come to know all the basic hacks on how to cut tree limbs using a pole saw. Getting to know your gardening tools isn’t easy with a mentor, guiding you. Here we discussed a few things about how to cut tee limbs with pole saw and its other uses. If you think we missed out on something then please let us know. Bye, and have a good day.

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