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How Much Will a Plumber Charge to Replace a Kitchen Tap

A faulty or leaking tap is a considerable nuisance in the kitchen. Fixing it as soon as possible will ensure you don’t have to go very long without water. It’s best to leave a kitchen tap replacement to a professional plumber.

This job requires plenty of skill and knowledge to complete correctly. However, you don’t want to overpay for this specific project. Here’s how much you should budget for the repair.

Breakdown of the Cost

Two main factors will influence the price of your tap replacement: labour and materials. Different plumbers may charge higher or lower rates than their competitors. If you want to secure the best price possible, it’s always smart to seek several estimates. Usually, quotes from three companies are enough to make a just decision.

Most merchants require about 1-3 hours of labour, depending on the extent of the project. If you only need to replace the tap, they should complete it in about an hour. However, if you also want to install a new sink at the same time, expect to add an hour or two to your bill.

Labour, on average, runs about £100-160 per project. Once again, this depends on the amount of work getting done. Material, on the other hand, could cost upwards of £200. The higher quality materials you choose, the more money you’ll need.

What to Expect from a Plumber

Assuming you only need a plumber to install a new kitchen tap, you should expect them to turn off the water mains and remove the old faucet. In most instances, this job is straightforward and doesn’t require any additional pipes or plumbing. But, if the plumber notices a problem, they will need to address it before moving forward.

Once the plumber finishes installing the new tap, they will turn the water back on and test the faucet. If everything looks good, they may be out of your house in an hour or two.

However, not every plumbing job goes smoothly. Depending on the age of your kitchen, you may need to upgrade your sink or tiling at the same time. Your plumber may be able to patch your tile, but if they can’t find a suitable match, they will need to retile the kitchen completely.

If they find a burst or leaking pipe, the plumber will also need to repair that at the same time. Of course, this issue may pop after an estimate, so the cost of your repair may increase.

Things to Consider

If you need to replace a kitchen tap, you should also consider upgrading other parts of your kitchen plumbing at the same time. While the plumber has the water mains off, it’s the ideal time to replace a sink or install an isolation valve.

The total cost for your repair may also depend on where you reside. For example, homeowners seeking plumbers in Cardiff should expect to pay a premium for tap installation. Other companies may be required to charge a VAT of 20 per cent. Some plumbers, however, reduce their VAT threshold by lowering their prices or having the customer purchase the materials themselves.

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