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How Much to Hire Carpet Cleaning Services Cost in Australia?

At the outset, it would be impossible to come up with an exact figure since numerous factors determine the final cost. Also, each carpet cleaning company adopts a different method of charging the customer. Some go for fixed rates, others for each square meter or square foot, and others opt for a per-hour basis.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning services are in high demand in Australia. However, residential homes only account for a small percentage of their revenues. It is understandable since homeowners tend to go the DIY route when cleaning and disinfecting their carpets in the effort to save money.

According to a press release from ReportLinker, the commercial carpet cleaning market in Australia is seen to reach $900 million by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of six per cent over the forecast period of 2018-2024. The growth is due to the rising use of these service providers in the construction and hospitality industries.

For commercial cleaning services, the household segment remains as an untapped potential. One of the misconceptions is that it is very expensive to hire professionals to clean your carpets at home. However, it is no different than calling in technicians to repair or maintain their HVAC systems or a mechanic to fix their cars.  

What Would be Your Budget?

Carpet Cleaning services will normally consider the size of the room, the complexity of the job, the amount of time their cleaners will spend on the task, and how many staff they will have to send over to your location.  Those are the main variables the cleaner will consider to come up with a quotation.

They naturally take the competition into account, as well as the cost of living. For example, carpet cleaning in Sydney is significantly higher compared to Melbourne. For states, in the Australian Capital Territory, you are looking at somewhere around $37.50 per hour on the labour cost. New South Wales is around $35 per hour. For Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, or Victoria, the labour cost maybe somewhere around $30/hour.

However, for spring cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning, the service charge might go up to around $40-45. The higher cost is understandable, considering that the work is more laborious for the cleaners and they spend more time to make sure the carpet is spic-and-span. It is recommended that leasing companies should hire commercial carpet cleaners to prepare the vacant office for the next occupants.

It should be emphasized that those are just estimates. The price will go up and down, depending on multiple factors.  For homes, carpet cleaners may charge per room, regardless of the size. However, owners of smaller houses may pay more per-square-meter or per-square-foot since commercial services need to offset the overhead and gas costs of sending over professional cleaners to their location.

Extra Charge

To save on cost, you can use your own personnel to move the furniture and appliances around. Typically, Carpet Cleaning services charge extra if they make that effort. Besides, when you prepare the space so that they will only come in to clean, they will spend less time on your premises. As a result, you can save money, especially when they are paid by the hour.

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