How Long Does It Take To Build A Sunroom

Last Updated on June 22, 2023 by Kravelv

When it comes to living spaces, there are not many rooms more versatile than a sunroom. Whether it be for an office, a dining area, a reading nook, a playroom, or a living room, a sunroom is a great addition to any home. In recent years, sunroom additions have become much more popular due to their ability to add value to the home and provide a versatile living space for any season. On top of that, they provide homeowners with some much-needed sunshine in our long Canadian winters.

If you are looking to add a sunroom to your home in time for the summer season this year, you’ll want to start thinking about the timeline for the build. Getting started on this project nice and early will help make sure that your brand new space is ready just in time for you to enjoy some fresh spring air and sunshine.

Depending on the home and property, it is a relatively simple project to add a sunroom addition. Generally, construction can take anywhere from two to four weeks total. This two to four-week time period includes everything from setting the foundation and framing to securing the roof and installing doors, windows, and utilities. While this may sound like no time at all before you are relaxing in your new sunroom, it’s important to remember that there are a number of factors that will affect the overall time it takes to construct a sunroom addition. Let’s take a look at those factors below:

Contractor Availability

The most common times for home additions such as sunrooms to be built and used are between early spring and fall, so you can expect these to be the busiest times for contractors and construction companies. Depending on the availability of the company you choose to go with, you could be waiting a while for your sunroom to be completed. You should look to book your sunroom project in the late fall or winter in order to get a head start before schedules fill up. When it comes to booking your first choice company, earlier is better to make sure you secure your spot and avoid having to scramble later on.

Site Preparation Time

Before any new construction, the area or ‘site’ needs to be prepared. This includes inspecting the area, excavating, leveling the ground, and pouring the cement footings or foundation. Site preparation can take anywhere from one to three days if starting with a clear area. If there is an existing structure, large trees, or boulders in the area, more time may be needed.

Another important part of this stage is to check with your local municipality about building guidelines and any permits that may be needed, so that you can get them in place in time for construction to start. This is one of the elements of the process that is most likely to delay your sunroom construction, so make sure to have your contractor apply for any required permissions ASAP.

Site preparation is one of the most important steps in the building process as it ensures your new addition has a solid foundation to sit on. This helps instill confidence that your new sunroom will not have any costly foundational problems in the future.

Deck Construction

If your sunroom will be built on top of a deck structure, or will have a walk-out deck element, you will need to allow for additional construction time to accommodate deck construction. This can take around three to four days, depending on the size of the deck. If your sunroom will be built on a concrete foundation instead, your construction team may skip this step.

Roof and Wall Construction

Once the foundation is in place for your new sunroom, it will be time to put together the walls and roof! The installation team will begin by laying the flooring down and adding tie-ins that connect the structure to your home. They will then assemble the frame for the sunroom and carefully place the roof on top. Finally, windows and doors will be installed into the frame. For less complex designs, this entire process can take about four to six days. For more complex custom designs, the team may need a few more days. The building timeline for your sunroom will heavily depend on the size, complexity, and overall design of the project. While some homeowners prefer a simpler design to have the sunroom built as soon as possible, others want a more elegant or custom design that may be worth the wait for them.


As with any construction project, weather is a huge factor in how quickly the project is completed. Rain, snow, or extreme temperatures can delay construction and add time onto your sunroom construction timeline. Unfortunately, not much can be done to avoid weather delays, but a professional construction company will be able to handle them with grace and expertise.

Final Touches

Once the sunroom structure is assembled, your installation team will focus on the indoor features and can hopefully avoid further weather delays. This includes finishing touches such as electricity, light fixtures, heating and cooling installation, as well as adding in any extra elements. This includes items such as: an indoor spa, a wet bar, or a kitchenette. Installing the basic finishing touches can take up to a few days, and expect to wait an additional few days if you have requested special extras. With a little bit of preparation and planning, you will be enjoying your new sunroom in no time!

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