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How Does an Impact Wrench Work? (What is it used for)

There are different types of air tools being used in the construction and automotive industry: Automotive air tools, pneumatic air tools, compressed air tools, compressed air drills and impact air tool. The handiest air tool being used in large constructions and heavy equipment repair is the impact wrench. A little device that provides very strong impact, the impact wrench is a mechanic must-have.

 Impact wrenches are most commonly used in automotive repair. Be it a regular car, or a heavy equipment, an automotive mechanic usually regards the impact wrench as one of his main tools. It is also being used in product assembly, especially when there is a need for precise torque output. Powered by air, these wrenches make it easy for the handler to tighten bolts without much effort. The energy is stored in a rotating mass and delivered to the output shaft in an instant, producing high and precise torque output.

This tool is sometimes called torque gun, impactor, or rattle gun. There three main parts to the tool: the hammer, and the anvil. The hammer is the one that rotates. Once it does the motor accelerates the rotation. Mechanical energy is stored as the hammer rotates.

When released, the energy is passed on to the output shaft, or the anvil. The energy is released with such speed that it creates a high-torque impact. After the impact, the hammer continues to rotate. The handler only applies a minimum (but constant) force through the motor accelerating the rotation, but very high torque is being delivered because of the energy stored as the hammer continues to rotate.

The sudden burst of energy makes it very easy for the handler to tighten different kinds of bolts with little effort. This is what makes this air tool very handy. Although it is mainly used by automotive technicians, it is also being used at home and in the office. Wherever a bolt needs to be tightened, an impact wrench would be seen.

These wrenches vary, depending on the socket wrench drive size. There are ¼-inch drive tools for smaller bolts and 3.5-inches for larger equipment’s. Impact wrenches generally work all sizes of sockets though. There are available socket sets in the market. An automotive mechanic will never be seen without one set. He would just have to have a single handle, and then he can just interchange the sockets in his sets, depending on the size of the bolts he would have to tighten or loosen.

There are different brands of air impact wrenches available: Snap-On, Dewalt, Craftsman and Ingersoll-Rand. Prices also vary depending on the model and number of sockets it can interchange.

It would be wise to check on reviews of different brands to see what impact wrench would deliver the most precise torque. The energy is not a part of the question anymore, since all impact wrenches use compressed air for energy derivation. This is an air tool worth buying because it is certain it will be put to much use.

What variations of impact wrenches are there?

Impact wrenches are reasonably standard, but there are some choices to make, such as power source, electric, compressed air or hydraulic, cordless or not, power level and grip.

Impact wrenches come both wired and cordless. Generally, wired tools can provide greater power than cordless, although a cordless tool can be plugged in. he weight of a battery can also be a burden with a cordless tool if it will be used a lot.

There are 2 grips for an impact wrench. They come in pistol and inline grip styles. A pistol grip is like a drill, or a pistol, while inline is similar to a screwdriver. The more popular, due to ease of use, is the pistol grip, but it is mostly a matter of personal preference and intended use.

The most popular style is a corded impact wrench. A quality corded electric impact wrench will provide enough ease of use and power for almost all common uses.

How to use an impact wrench?

An impact wrench is used just like a drill, but instead of drilling, it tightens the bolt. Hold it over the bolt and press the trigger. You will feel a slight delay as it builds up pressure and then a quick release.

Be sure to wear safety goggles while using an impact wrench as due to the high amount of torque can cause objects to fly off very quickly and cause severe eye damage.

What is an impact wrench used for?

An impact wrench is used when a high among of torque is required in jobs such as construction, assembly of materials such as furniture and automotive. They are used to fasten a bolt very tightly or whenever a high degree of power is needed.

One of the more common times an impact wrench is seen by people is by a mechanic to attach tires. In this case, the tire must be very tightly attached, so an impact wrench is an ideal tool.

What is an Impact Wrench?

An impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool that delivers a high amount of torque quickly with very little resistance and exertion by the user. It is able to deliver this burst by using compressed air or hydraulic pressure to build up pressure, and then releasing it in a burst.

They are held in a similar position to an electric drill. Other names for an impact wrench are impactor, air gun, air wrench, rattle gun or torque gun. They all mean the same thing.

Many people know of an impact wrench as it is the tool used by a mechanic to quickly remove and fasten the bolts on a tire. Impact wrenches can be used with any size of standard socket size. They can also be cordless impact wrench or wired, with equal effectiveness, as long as the power source is sufficient.

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