How Do You Organize Your Keys at Work?

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The keys are very important but in the blink of an eye, they get messed up. All your work, house, car keys get all jumbled up altogether. Before you know it you’ll find keys you don’t even recognize in your keychain, some reward cards you won’t even need, and even other accessories.

Sometimes you won’t even find your work keys properly in the midst of all these unnecessary keys and cards. So, you should have a proper grip to control this situation. How would you organize all of these keys? How do you organize your keys at work? Let me guide you through this entire process.

How to organize your keys at work? –  10 best ways?

Sorting keys can be a difficult process. But since you are reading this I am assuming you are ready to go through this hassle. With that said let’s get started.

1. Assemble all your keys

The first thing you will need to do is that you have to gather all the keys together. It is best to sort out all the keys in one go. If somehow one or more of them gets left out you might not sort them out later due to various reasons whether it is because of laziness or any other.

So look for every key in your house and workplace. Gather all the necessary and unnecessary keys in front of you. Once you have done this we can proceed to the next step.

2. Identify every key and its function

Once you have gathered all the keys you can find, you have to discover what those keys are used for. You may find more useless keys than you have anticipated at first. Try out all the keys you don’t know in different locks.

You can even ask your family and close friends for those unknown ones. They might know the purpose or some of the keys might have been given to you by them for safekeeping.

You might find some totally unknown or useless keys in the midst of the collection. Some might be your old Apartment keys or locker keys. If you don’t need them then just throw them away or for creative purposes you can use them in some sort of art.

3. Grouping the keys by their frequency of use

There are keys you might use on a daily basis there, keys you might use on a weekly basis and there are ones that you might use rarely. Whatever the case may be you can sort out your keys according to the number of usages.

You can put daily needed keys like house keys, the office is and car keys in one keychain. Weekly used ones are like gym locker keys or bike keys that can go in another separate ring. You can put the keys that were entrusted to you by other people in one group and put the bank locker keys in another group.

4. Remove Accessories and Cards

The things that make your keychain bulky are small accessories and different reward cards. So get rid of these decorative items and gift cards. You can use these small tools and decorative items elsewhere like on your backpack. As for the cards you can use different mobile apps to keep track of them.

5.  Sorting out the Duplicates

While checking you might find many duplicate keys. Keep these spare keys in a safe place so that you may find them easily if you lose the original one. Suppose you have lost or forgot your car keys at home; you should put the spare key in such a place that you don’t have to rush back home in your hurry. You can just take out the key and safely drive to your destination.

6. Remove unused Keys

Like I said before you might find some unnecessary is in the midst of your collection. If you don’t know the origin of those keys and haven’t used them for a long time then get rid of them. And even if you do know what purpose those keys hold but you don’t use them anymore and there is no need to either even then throw them away.

7. Assigning Different Color Codes

You can use different color schemes to identify the keys in your key chain. Sort them out either by their purpose or by the frequency of useTo do this you can buy a color cap from the market or use any sort of paint or nail polish to color your key head.

8. Using Labels

Using a label can ensure easy key identification. Like using the same label for every kitchen key. And you will find label makers in your local stationery store or you can make your own ones.

9. Buying keychains

Now that you know how many groups you want to make, you will just have to buy the key chains. There are different ones available in the market or you can make it on your own. Choose whatever suits your taste.

10. Neatly put away the keys

Lastly, find a nice place to put all those key chains nicely. Find a permanent place to keep all of them together. And if you keep all of them jointly then you won’t forget about them.

Frequently ask question

1. Where should a key holder be placed?

Answer: Like I said before you fruit to keep all the key changes together. This way you won’t forget about them and find them in one place.  The ideal place to put a key holder is near the entrance. This is because you will easily find your house, car, and office key there while going out.

2. What are the best Key organizers?

Answer: you will find a lot of key organizers in the market. But not all of them will do a good job. Key disk, KeyBar Key Organizer, KeySmart, OrbitKey 2.0, Huckberry Compact EDC Kit, KeyDisk Mini are a few of the best key organizers available. They are durable, lightweight, and stylish. So you can use it for a long time.

Final words

After seeing all your keys so neatly people might ask you how do you organize your keys at work.You can suggest to them the same tips I have given you. Organizing all the keys at once may be tough work. 

All your day might spend doing this. But if you can do this once, you’ll have a comfortable life.

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