Home Repairs: When to DIY and When To Call a Professional

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Although the internet makes it seem that almost all jobs around the house can be done by yourself, this is often not the case. Some projects appear to be very complex but can actually be done with a little online research and a few well written articles, while other look simple, until you’ve tried to do them and failed miserably. In those cases, no amount of internet research can replace the years of experience and the expertise a professional has under his belt. Here are some tips that can help you decide when it’s best to contact a professional and when to DIY it.

DIY Plumbing

Most plumbing problems such as clogged toilet and a bath drain can be done simply by pouring the unclogging liquid into the drain. Even the unclogging liquid can be replaced with a cup or two of dish soap and some hot water. Just let them sit in the drain for 20 minutes and you’ll start seeing the water level drop down as the drain becomes cleared out. Depending on the size of the clog, you might need to flush a few times, but that’s pretty much it.


Call a pro when you need to replace existing fixtures or install new ones. This can be a messy job when you don’t do it properly, so make sure to get a plumber for tasks like these.

DIY Wall Repair

Removing wall papers may require a lot of time and can be messy at times, but this is one of the easiest and money-saving repairs when you do it by yourself. Just grab a spray bottle filled with water and a scraper and put some muscle in to it. It’s really that simple.

Call a pro whenever there’s any structural damage on the walls, as they are often a sign of a deeper problem, such as a leak in the pipes or foundation damage.

Foundation repair is something that can’t be done as a DIY project. It requires years of experience and special tools. If tried it can cause some major complications – If a DIY project isn’t successful, after hiring a professional foundation repair contractor – they will need to not only do the original repair, but perhaps repair any damage caused by the DIY attempt as well. For an example – house leveling is a foundation repair process that lifts a settling home back to the maximum practical level. An unlevel home is unsafe, loses value, and will affect your everyday life. Read more about – 5 Basics Of House Leveling.

DIY Wiring Repair

Replacing old light switches and outlet covers is a pretty straight-forward job which only requires having new parts and a screw driver. Changing old fuses however may prove somewhat difficult for those who don’t know how to, but in reality is very easy. Just turn of the main power source before actually tinkering around the fuse box.

Call a pro whenever there’s a big electrical problem. Also, spending a few bucks on a professional who knows his way around the circuitry and installations is always better than risking getting electrocuted.

DIY Window Repair

Whether the neighborhood kids send a ball straight through your window or there’s a cold draft just above your bed where you’re sleeping, most window repair jobs can be done within minutes. Simply warm up the putty in the frame using a heat source and gently remove the broken pieces of glass, before replacing them with a new pane. Drafts can easily be fixed by sticking isolation tape which has an adhesive on one side and rubber or sponge on the other.

Call a pro if the damage is greater than just the glass panes or the windows are tall and inaccessible. Doing repairs on windows multiple stories high without the necessary equipment can pose a great risk, so calling a professional might not be a bad idea.

DIY Painting

Applying a new coat of paint on the walls and refurbishing the old counter tops can be done by almost anyone. Just make sure you cover the floors and anything else you don’t want to come in contact with paint and grab a roller or a paint brush.  Simple as that!


ASAP Roof painting Sydney recommends calling a profesional when painting the walls or the roof of the house. This is a very risky job as it involves fixtures, ladders and literally climbing on the roof. Unless you want to risk multiple fractures because you got dizzy, contacting a professional is the best course for these kinds of jobs.

As you can see, most repairs around the house can be done with a few simple tools and some hard-work. There are numerous articles and videos on the internet explaining everything from replacing a faulty socket to doing the flooring for the entire house. However, you need to be aware that you can’t manage all the jobs around the house by yourself, and that some of them can only be done by professionals who’ve gone through the proper training and have the necessary experience.

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