Home Emergency Preparation: A Checklist Of Must-Have Items

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With so many accidents, weather disaster and extraordinary situations causing havoc all over the world, nobody is absolutely safe anymore, regardless of where they live. Something as common as a three-day rain can lead to big floods and significant problems. Not to mention monsoons, tsunamis and earthquakes in the regions of the world they appear weekly. That is why you should have a home emergency plan and a list of items that will allow you to survive disasters. This basic disaster supplies kit consists of some ordinary items every home already has, but also includes several things that you might not be thinking of straight away.

The Essentials: Food and Water

It is no secret how long an average person can live without food or water – a couple of weeks without the former, but only a handful of days without the latter. That is why these really are the most important things to think of.
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When planning, take this simple equation into consideration: one gallon of water will suffice one person for the period of about three days, if used moderately. Of course, having more would not hurt, but this is the bare minimum. When it comes to food, figure out your daily intake and prepare for a full week, just in case. Think of non-perishable food, canned or processed items and already prepared meals you can store longer.


With a power generator, you are able to get the latest weather report, but if the connections are jammed, you will have to rely on other options that often mean the difference between life and death. Hand crank radios are usually powered on batteries and work just as good as regular ones. When it comes to cell phones, they can be charged via an inverter or a power supply, but use them responsibly.

Items for Personal Use

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People come together in this kind of danger, but you still need your own personal items that will make you feel like yourself and not a part of an apocalyptic Hollywood movie. In other words, having your own towel, soap and tooth brush will make you feel like in a less extraordinary situation. Furthermore, if you have a small child or a baby, or are taking care of an adult, make sure you have items that are unique for them – formula, bottles, diapers, and various ointments, on the one hand, or prescribed medications, insulin and spectacles, on the other.


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If you run out of fuel in the middle of the road in the middle of the night, you will not have a good time trying to start your car again. Now imagine what would happen if you run out of fuel after your electricity has gone due to a weather disaster. Instead of asking yourself what you could have done to prevent this mishap, you should better figure out how to get a big diesel tank with sufficient amount fuel that will power your generators and provide electricity to your home. This is another essential item on your emergency checklist and one that you will not survive long without.

Medical Supplies

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No matter if there are injured, ill or life-threatened people around you, a first aid kit and some medications are a must in dangerous situations. Even though there are rules and regulations for this matter, you can pack anti-diarrhea, headache or cold medications, antihistamines, painkillers and other essential medications in order to be fully prepared for everything.

Other Items

When preparing for an emergency, pack as many things as you can, but do not overdo it. In addition to mentioned items, securing the best police flashlight or ordinary flashlight, additional batteries, phone chargers, can openers, signal whistles, matches and paper towels are crucial.

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