Helpful Plumbing Tips for Spring

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

When you’re in the depths of winter, spring can seem a long way of and a long time coming. However, it is a very important time of year and you need to be ready for it!

Spring is when you start spring cleaning your home, checking for pests, and completing a general overhaul to ensure your home is ready for the summer and the next winter!

As soon as the weather starts to warm up it’s time to start your spring job. A good place to start s with your plumbing:

Check Your Pumps

Many homes across Australia have sump pumps, also known as dewatering pumps. These sit in a pit in your basement and kick in if water is detected. Their job is to pump the water away from your home and prevent you from getting flooded.

They are vital, although often not used for long periods of time. This makes it essential that, at least once a year, you check they are working properly and get them serviced. Pipe blockages, bad electrical, and old pumps can make them ineffective leaving you with no flood protection.

Water Heaters

You use hot water every day and probably don’t think much about it. But, if your water heater starts to pack up you’ll know about it! Visually inspect your water heater for any signs of corrosion or leaks.

If you see any get professional help soon, they may be able to fix it, if not you’ll be prepared for replacement when necessary.


A leaking faucet can cost you a lot of money. As spring and summer come it’s not just the faucets in your home that can leak. You should also check the hoses, sprinklers, and any other outside water sources. The cold winter weather can cause cracks to appear which create leaks.

If you see any sign of leaks get them sorted quickly.

They won’t just cost you money, they also create a water source which is attractive to pests.

Valve Operation

Your plumbing system may look fine but it is still a good idea to close each valve individually. Once closed check to see if the related appliance still has water or not. If it doesn’t then your valve is working fine which is good.

However, if it is leaking, even just a little bit, then you need to get it replaced. It may not seem like an issue but it will be if you have a leak and need to shut the water off to a specific appliance.

Clear You Gutters

Gutters and downpipes get blocked. This results in water being stuck in them which leads to two issues.

The first is attracting pests. Again, this isn’t something you want.

The second is that if you have any rain the gutters will overflow and the water will cascade down the wall of your home, potentially finding a way in and damaging the siding or rendering in the process.

Take a few moments to clean your gutters out!