10 Things You Need To Know About Glass Railing

Last Updated on April 21, 2022 by Kravelv

Constructing a new house? Renovating your old house? Whatever the case maybe you need to update your knowledge about the modern and trendy items being used to add a ‘wow’ factor to your house. Apart from providing shelter and safety, the interior and exterior of a house should also give visual treat to the host as well as the guests. Railings are an integral part of any building and now-a-days glass has become the most popular choice for modern railing in contemporary and modern homes alike.

Glass railing has spectacular visual impact, makes spaces feel bigger, adds openness, and enables light flow. It adds luxury, elegance and value to a home and is incredibly safe and purposeful.

The “one size fits all approach” will not work here. For making a right choice for your house, you must consider these 10 aspects of glass railing:

1. Use for Interior:

There are various types of glass railing systems for staircase inside your living room. Depending upon the overall style and feel of your home you need to choose one. Interior glass railing fall into 3 main categories: dadoed, standoff, and clamped.

  • In dadoed glass railing system, the glass railing panels are secured within the top railing and bottom shoe and the glass exists within a wooden framework without using clips or hardware. If you prefer the cleanest and simplest visual appeal, then go for it.
  • In standoff glass railing system, the glass panels are secured with standoffs i.e. round stainless-steel cylinders which can be a frameless system too. If you don’t like the monotonous look of plane continuous glass, this can be your perfect choice.
  • In clamped glass railing system, the glass panels are secured with glass clips mounted to posts or occasionally the railing or shoe. As this uses a combination of wood, steel and hardware it adds some bling factor too. To impress your guests, it is the most appealing style.

2. Use for Exterior:  

If you want to turn the heads of all the passers-by towards your house then there can be nothing better than the use of a marvellous glass railing. Of course, you have two options to choose from:

  • Framed Glass Railings: In framed glass railings, clear glass panels are held in place by a strong frame made of steel, aluminium or wood. Sitting in a balcony with elegant glass railing is a really pleasing experience.
  • Frameless Glass Railings: This provides unobstructed view from a deck, veranda or patio, so it is suitable if you have a stunning view that you just don’t want to cut with a frame. With this option, you will have a great vantage point and will thoroughly enjoy spending time sitting there.

3. Local building codes:

The local building code requirements regarding the type of safety glass (tempered, laminated) allowed vary in different areas. You must consider the rule prevailing in your area in this regard. Tempered glass is a kind of heat-treated glass whereas laminated glass is two pieces of glass stuck together with an interlayer in between.

4. Safety:

Anxious about the safety of glass railing? It seems you have had experience with broken glass cups or broken glass window might be by some notorious kids playing cricket in front of your house. But as the glass materials used here are actually tempered safety glass, not the ordinary glass used in day-to-day glassware, they are much safer than traditional railing systems. Even if there is an accidental break, it only fragments into tiny cubes rather than sharp glass pieces. This ensures safety.

5. Durability:

Many times, we encounter a beautiful house with a rotting wooden railing. You will not want this to happen to your new or renovated house for sure. Unlike wooden railing materials, glass railings are not vulnerable to surface cracking or braking due to normal, day to day stressors. The glass railings are long-lasting and durable, making it the favourite choice for modern houses.

6. Easy Maintenance:

Glass railing do not need to be treated, stained, painted or finished to maintain their beauty and sturdiness. Although the decks are continuously exposed to extreme weather, glass railings require almost no maintenance, except regular cleaning with a sponge, soap, and water.

7. Versatile:

Versatility is one of the key factors for its popularity. There is a suitable choice for everyone.  Frosted glass railings are also available which adds privacy as well as aesthetics. Glass railings can be used in homes, offices, malls or any type of commercial buildings alike.

8. Price:

Glass railing is generally an expensive item. But after you review all the benefits they offer; you are not going to repent for this expense. Afterall it is a part of your dreamhouse.

9. Installation:

Glass railings are very easy to assemble and install. But it is advisable to select a company that has experience and expertise. Also, consider the quality of the hardware that is holding the glass in place as it affects the beauty, safety and durability of your glass railing.

 10. Conclusion:

With a spectacular design and durable tempered glass, installing a glass railing can provide your family with the safety and functionality you deserve. Ensuring safety and aesthetic– glass railing systems make an excellent product for your dream home.