How To Get Cat Urine Smell Out of a Carpet

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It is never fun cleaning cat pee especially if it is on the carpet. It can be tough figuring out how to get cat urine out of a carpet if you have never kept a cat before. Cat pee can pain you a lot when it stains your lovely furniture, walls and affects the air around the house. The best solution to this is to prevent the peeing altogether, but in the case of accidents, you need solutions to the problem. Instead of going round trying many options blindly, here are some practical tips to clean cat urine.

Treat the stain

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Using a small absorbent material like a paper towel, old rags or any absorbent fabric, soak as much pee as you can out of the carpet. After this, the best solution to treat the spot is an enzymatic cleaner for cat urine. This contains enzymes that break down the compounds in cat urine, therefore, changing its nature. It also has bacteria that feed on the stain matter leaving your carpet as clean as before with no residual smell.

Simply spray the enzymatic cleaner for cat urine onto the area of concern and lightly scrub using a gentle brush to spread the solution to the affected area fully. Give it time to deal with the stain and offending odor. After the cleaner has dried up, you can vacuum clean the area then spray an odor-masking product to fully do away with any odor, so the cat or other feline pets do not reuse the same spot for peeing or pooping.

Homemade alternatives to clean cat urine


Even though enzymatic cleaners are the most efficient way, they are not the only option at your disposal. There are DIY options that also work effectively to clean cat urine from carpets. These are easy to make at home and are way cheaper. Some of the DIY options how to get cat urine smell out of a carpet includes:

1. Those that preventing reoccurrence

Mix equal measure of water and vinegar to cut out the urine smell from carpet. This will reduce the pungency, so it will be unlikely for the cat to return to pee on the same spot. This will, however, cause the odor of vinegar to linger on for quite some time masking the urine odor. If you cannot withstand the strong smell of vinegar, then you may avoid using this mix or do it when you are leaving the house for at least 12 hours.

2.  Those that absorb cat urine

Using baking soda is an old effective way to remove cat urine odor from carpets. It treats fresh urine and helps soak up the residual moisture after you apply a paper towel on the urine. It only helps with fresh urine and does not work on that which has dried onto the carpet fibers. After absorbing the urine, remove the baking soda using wet vac since the household vacuum cleaner is not built to handle liquids like moist baking powder. If you use the regular vac, you may be forced to take it apart for extensive cleaning or even throw it away altogether.

3. Scrubbing solutions for cat pee

Mix a teaspoon of dish soap and a half cup of peroxide to scrub at both wet and dry urine stains. Even though this method is efficient at scrubbing the dry pee, it does not prevent reoccurrence on the cleaned spot. Sue caution when it comes to peroxide and your carpet, test a small portion to check if it causes permanent discoloration or bleaching before using it on the entire spot.
For all these methods, begin by blotting as much urine as you can with old rags, paper towel or absorbent fabric. And after applying the solutions, for example, water and vinegar solution, you can use the blotting technique again to dry up the excess wetness before you leave it to dry naturally. This will serve to remove the odor and prevent a repeat of peeing on the same spot.
Follow this by sprinkling the area with baking soda once the carpet is dry, sprinkle the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap solution onto the baking soda and use your finger and a brush to spread the baking soda into the carpet. Once this has been allowed to dry, vacuum it and if you smell even a slight odor, repeat the procedure.


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Cat urine stain is really hard to remove but it is possible with a lot of effort. These ways, it can give you better results to remove cat urine from your carpet. Always remain calm and offer what’s best for your feline friend.


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