Top 8 Furniture Designers You Need to Know

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When you walk into an office furniture warehouse such as Boca Raton Office furniture, you’ll see various furniture designs both modern and traditional.  However, we always forget the masterminds behind these beautiful furniture designs. No one talks about them; everyone is focused on their products.

It’s high time we recognize some of the top furniture designers and give them the respect and acknowledgment they deserve.  In this article, we shall give you a brief history of the top eight furniture designers. Here we go.

The Best Furniture Designers everyone should Know About

1.  Charlse and Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames were a team of husband and wife and were among the best creative designers. The two left a legacy that is still cherished worldwide.

Charles was born in 1907. He developed an interest in architecture and engineering while still in school. He started his architectural office in 1930 and continued to work and expand on his ideas beyond architecture. He became head of the design department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.

Ray was born in Sacramento, California in 1912. She met Charles at Cranbrook Academy of Art and gave him a hand on various design projects. The two tied the knot in 1941 and continued working on furniture designs.

Charles and Ray Eames are remembered for designing the Eames dining chair and the Eames Lounge chair.

2.  Le Corbusier

Corbusier is among the pioneers of modern architecture.  He was born in Switzerland and acquired French citizenship in 1930. He was a designer, architect, urban planner, painter, and writer.

Corbusier began his furniture design experiments in 1928 alongside Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand. The two designed the LC4 Chaise Lounge, an ergonomic chair designed for ultimate comfort.  He died at the age of 77.

3.  Florence Knoll

Knoll was an American architect and furniture and interior designer. She was also an entrepreneur. She is recognized for bringing modernity to office interiors.

In her lifetime, Florence Knoll scoped various awards, including the Museum of Modern Arts good DesignShe also received honorary doctoral degrees from three universities, including the University of Miami in 1995.

She’ll be remembered for designing the Florence knoll sofa, among other things.

4.  Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarine was born in 1910. He began his professional work in 1936 in the United States. He designed pedestal-based chairs and tables in 1957. He taught and worked at the Cranbrook academy.

He died in 1961, aged 51, with a brain tumor.

5.  Alvar Aalto

Aalto was a Finnish designer and architect. He was in furniture, textiles, architecture, paintings, and sculptures. 

His fame grew due to his glassware and furniture designs. He built the Paimio chair, which helped patients with Tuberculosis to breathe without difficulties. The chair is designed for beauty and functionality.

Aalto had two wives, Auno and Ellisa, both of whom were architects just like him. Alvar Aalto invented bentwood, which is still in demand to date.

Alvar Aalto died in 1976.

6.  Edward Wormley

Edward Wormley was born in 1907 in Rochelle, Illinois, and was a modern furniture designer in America. He studied briefly at the Art Institute of Chicago but dropped out due to lack of funds. He was employed at marshall fields and the company store as an interior designer.

He was later hired by the Dunbar Furniture company to help in upgrading their products.

Wormley passed away in 1995.

7.  Milo Baughman

Milo Baughman was born in Goodland, Kansas in  1923. He’s worked for various companies including Mode furniture, The Inco Company, Calif-Asia, and Woodard, among others. He designed seating and case pieces that blew the minds of many and inspired those who came after him.

He also served in the Arny Air forces after he completed his high school studies.

Boughmann died in 2003.

8.  Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand was born in Paris, France, in 1903. He was first denied the chance to work at Le Corbusier’s studio, but his hard work and determination saw him hired in 1927. He co-designed three chairs alongside Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, which were meant for sleeping and conversations.

He also took part in designing the LC4 Chaise Lounge by  Le Corbusier in 1928. He died in 1999.

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