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Why Are There Fruit Flies in Your Bedroom?

Do you find fruit flies in your bedroom often and cannot get rid of them? Fruit flies can be the most annoying of all pests and can be harmful to your health. You often find fruit flies around your fruit basket hence the name. They are attracted to fruits that are ripe and rotten and can always get inside our mouths or ears. They come in groups and fly around you if you are near them.

There is no need for explanation that they are undesirable and you don’t certainly want them in your bedroom for sure. So, why are there fruit flies in your bedroom, and how to get rid of them? Read on to find out

You Take Food To Your Bedroom

Fruit flies are often found around ripe and rotten fruits, vegetables, and food items. If you have the habit of eating in your bedroom, there might be a chance that the dishes sit in your bedroom with leftover food for some time.

Do you know that the smell of the food can linger even after you take the dishes out? This can attract many pests like ants and of course fruit flies. So, do not take food to your bedroom. Food can even include juice, tea, chips, or any other item that you take to your bedroom. That sugary juice spilled on the floor can attract pests faster than anything. Sometimes, you may leave peels of fruits in the waste bin. So, make sure that you do not take food to your bedroom and take the bin out. In case of spills, clean the bedroom immediately and make sure that the smell is gone.

You Have Something That Smells In your Bedroom

Many things can attract pests. Sometimes, it can be those scented candles that you bought to give your room a fresh smell. It might even be something near your windows if you have the habit of keeping them open. There may be other pests in your bedroom that can cause fruit flies to come in. You can check in the specific areas where fruit flies gather in your bedroom and look for something that may attract them. If you cannot find anything like that, you can clean your bedroom and mattress first.

Strip your beddings and put them in the washing machine, vacuum your bed and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Then open the windows and leave it like that for some time. This will remove moisture from the mattress. You can vacuum and sweep the entire room and try cleaning your shelves and cupboards.

To Sum Up

If you happen to find fruit flies or other pests in your bedroom, it means that there is something in your bedroom that attracts them to the room. It might be because of the smells in the room. You should clean your room thoroughly, sanitize it, clean your mattress and stop taking food to your room. If fruit flies continue to haunt you after doing all this, you can get assistance from a pest control expert.

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