Home Buying Guide 2021: A Checklist for First-Time Homebuyers in Melbourne

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

The first-ever thought of buying a home comes with many thoughts and emotions. Where some may worry about the financial requirements, others feel gleeful with the idea of living in a new home.

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Home Buying in Melbourne

No matter in which state or country you wish to buy a home, you require fulfilling a set of requirements, including – financial, legal, and many more. Talking about Melbourne, this city has a predefined protocol for first-time home buyers.

Entering the property market of Melbourne can be confusing if you are exploring the real estate market without homework. However, it’s worth getting your foot in the door and unraveling all about the processes and pre-requisite requirements.  

What to consider when thinking about it?

Cost – Decide your budget and then enter the real estate market. This will help you narrow down your searches and escape confusion. Moreover, it’s a good idea to have a reality check of the real estate market.

Make an investment strategy – When thinking about buying a home in your dream city – Melbourne, ensure you have a robust investment strategy ready with you. This will help you escape the financial crises often experienced during or after completing the documentation process for your dream home.

Lifestyle – Your current lifestyle and living standards matter a lot to decide the kind of home you should search for. Here, your budget has a significant role to play. Decide the type of home you can afford. This should include understanding the requirements of your family too. For instance – if you are a family of four, going for a three-room flat can fulfill your living requirements. Rest, it depends on your budget and expectations.

Convenience – Evaluate if the residential area has grocery shops, hospitals, public parks, schools, etc., around it or not. However, such factors may accelerate the property rates, but at the same time, you will get a valuable property to live in.

The financial aspects

One of the biggest challenges of buying a residential property is meeting financial needs. This encompasses many factors such as – loan-application fee, charges for legal services and conveyancing, stamp duty charges, moving cost, insurance, expenses of the mortgages in Melbourne, loan repayment charges, emergency services levy, utility bills, and much more. All of these factors will require looking into your current financial condition.

Out of all, applying for a mortgage is a hassle-free process of arranging funds in need of an hour. However, you will need to maintain a good credit score and financial history for the same.

Other factors of buying a home

#1 – Thorough evaluation of the residential property. You may ask a home inspector to analyze the home effectively.

#2 – Applying for property insurance and understanding the documentation process.

#3 – Seeking the assistance of a home buying lawyer who may help you with all legal aspects of the home buying process.

The Bottom line

The overall idea of buying a home is both – exciting and scary, especially if you are buying it first. Before beginning with the process of buying your dream home, it’s wise to grab ample information, discover the complete procedure, and then proceed.

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