Should You Edit the Exteriors Before Selling Your House

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

The very first thing buyers see in a house is the exterior. Thus, to sell a house at the most reasonable price, sellers often undergo renovations to make the place look good. The status of your house on the outside imposes the success of your real estate. The good news is that “we buy houses for cash” companies will purchase your home “as-is”, and you don’t need to make any costly and time-consuming renovations!

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The question now is, do you need to edit the exteriors before selling your house? Is investing in repairs or beautifications worth it in selling a house? Well, your answer will hugely depend on a lot of factors – like the condition of your house and the state of the housing market.

Things to Consider

When placing a house in the real estate market, it is your obligation as a buyer to prepare your house by learning which home improvements can help enthuse more buyers to buy your house and improve the chances of a quick sale. However, there are a lot of considerations in editing your houses, whether exterior or interior.

1.   Remodelling Costs

Some repairs are more likely to be expensive than others. In every decision of editing any aspect of the exterior, it’s best to consult your agent or any related professional to know if it will boost your resale value and weigh in all possible pros and cons.

2.   Current Market’s Temperature

Real estate is an investment and thinking of editing the exterior of your house highly depends on the current status of the market in your address. For example, in a hot real estate market, fix-ups before selling are not advisable as generous offers are available for your house. However, remember that a home that requires a list of repairs will reflect a lower price in any market.

3.   Know your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

CMA refers to the available comparable sales of your house throughout the entire state or country that closely resembles your home. This reflects the house’s current market value in which buyers can know for free. So, if your house needs a lot of editing in the exterior, your CMA may dictate if you need to pursue that fixing.

Decided not to edit the exterior?

There are certain situations when it is more practical to sell the house “as-is” like when the remodeling cost is too high that the resale value will not be reasonable enough to any potential buyer. You might want to just sell the house at a price low enough to attract multiple offers in cases like this.

Thus, I introduce you to “we buy houses for cash” companies as your good solution to unload an unwanted property with the greatest convenience. You do not need to pursue any costly and time-eating repairs just to satisfy the market as they will buy your home “as-is!”


Be a smart seller by not being impulsive in your decisions. Consider what is practical in every edit you plan on doing. Consult your nearest “we buy houses for cash” companies to know more!

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