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Drainage Solutions for Homeowners

Generally speaking, there are numerous varieties of drainage specifically designed for residential properties. However, the most suitable system for your home will tend to be determined by factors such as the topography and ecology of your property. An effective drainage solution is extremely essential if you wish to achieve the proper disposal of either wastewater and stormwater away from your property. While it might at glance seem to be a trivial issue, an inefficient drainage system will give rise to more serious problems that can wreck havoc on your house. This is particularly the case when it comes to safeguarding the safety and structural soundness of your home. Ideally, there is a number of factors which could cause drainage issues for a residential property.

While most homeowners feel that looking after their drains is all to do with functionalities and hygiene, that is not always the case. In recent years, several great brands have come up that have allowed for surface drains to emerge as aesthetic pieces with incredible visual appeal. This means that you will be able to combine both form and functionality when you work with a Singapore drain grating supplier. You can choose from stone and metals, as well as opt for hundreds of design patterns depending on your preferences. 

In the first place, one of the greatest culprits can be the exact grading of your home’s yard. Grading happens to be a landscaping method that is designed to gently slope a yard from a house. Typically, it usually takes some time for the soil to absorb water. In the event of stormy weather, this water will pool on top of your lawn. Nevertheless, when you have graded your yard, this water will flow to the exact direction of the slope of your property. Unfortunately, should your yard slope towards to the direction of your home, rather than from it, the probability of experiencing drainage problems becomes high.  Negative grading will make water to accumulate in close proximity to your house and may pool around your property’s foundation.

 On the other hand, another critical residential property issue may be caused by inefficient downspout and gutter systems.  Gutters are designed to collect water runoff from the roof and relays it down to the ground via downspouts. These downspouts are meant to empty the collected water from the roof at a safe distance from a house.  However, when gutters get clogged, this water then spills over, running down the sides of homes. Some of which may run close to the foundation.  Also, should the downspouts be too short, they will be unable to channel water at a safe distance from a house.

 On the flipside, there are many adverse consequences that always accompany poor drainage systems in residential properties. To begin with, it might lead to mold growth in your home.  A damp environment is a very conducive ground for mold. Therefore, if your property has a poor drainage system, you will start to experience mold challenges in your home, particularly in the basement.  Mold has been known to trigger adverse health-related problems including eye and skin irritation, lung infections, wheezing, and even coughing among your loved ones. At the same time, if water pools and stagnates in your yard, it will create a conducive breeding ground for all sorts of nasty pests like mosquitos.

Additionally, when water is not properly channeled away from your property, it could end up in your basement through cracking on floors and walls, mortar joints, or even porous concrete. Once in the basement, this water may cause foundation problems which will compromise the structural integrity of your home. Your property is constructed on the foundation. This definitely means if it starts experiencing issues, other parts of your residential property will be affected in a very short order.  In the long run, this might prove to be a big safety issue and a big drain on your financial resources.  Typically, the risk of your foundation getting structurally undermined should your greatest motivation to install an efficient drainage system in your property.  A structurally unsound foundation always gives rise to a devastating chain reaction that, if not checked on time, will depreciate the value of your home and in the extreme, make it totally inhabitable. To this end, here are some of the most common kinds of residential properties’ drainage solutions Kansas City you could like to look into.

Surface drainage solutions

The key to this type of drainage system is effective ditches which are dug in a parallel fashion. These given ditches are designed to serve as channels to relay excessive water safely away from your property. This water is relayed to a main drain that deters it from getting close to your house’s foundation.  These ditches are normally shallow and allow water to run through them. Surface drainage systems are very important for residential properties since their main purpose is to prevent surface water from accumulating on them.

Subsurface drainage solutions 

A subsurface drainage system is positioned beneath a layer of soil to enable it to prevent waterlogging of landscapes.  These drainage solutions can as well make sure that excessive water is relayed safely from your home.  For the those who are not in the know, waterlogging usually takes place when the roots of trees or shrubs are oversaturated. If this issue is not checked, these plants will eventually start to rot and cause their death. To effectually deter this occurrence, a pipe is installed beneath the ground. This given pipe then channels water away from your landscaping. Once the pipe is in place, gravel is piled up on the trench that was dug to accommodate it. This permits the water to seep into the drain, and thereby eliminating the risks caused by having stagnated water on your property’s yard.

Slope drainage solutions

A slope drainage system makes use of the force of gravity to enable it water to flow in its natural course.  The pipes utilized are installed on a diminutive incline which lets excess water to move away from your property. In this residential property drainage solution, regrading might be used to better direct this water into a storm drain.

Downspout and gutters solutions

 This kind of drainage solution is designed to remove roof water safely away your home. Roof water will add an additional weight to a roof that usually culminates in its caving in. These sorts of drainage systems make use of 2 main components which are downspouts and gutters. The downspouts in particular set to work by collecting water from the drains and channeling it away from your property.

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