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Different Roofing Materials: Pros and Cons

Building construction requires extensive planning and research. Without proper planning, the structure will encounter severe problems that can put the project at risk. One element that contractors need to discuss is the roofing material for the building.

Many roofing materials on the market provide specific functions and benefits that cater to the contractor’s needs. As the building owner, it’s best to know the pros and cons of each roofing material so you can weigh your options and choose the one that suits you most.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing can help you achieve a rustic style for your building. Many building contractors consider it a classic, distinctive roofing style that will never go out of style. Although mainly used by residential buildings, it can also look great in commercial buildings.



Composition Roofing

Another type of roofing material you can install for your commercial building is composition roofing. Instead of using only one, the roofing incorporates multiple materials to create a roofing system. Composition roofing usually involves asphalt shingles, and they come in three types of composite shingles such as:

Architectural shingles are sturdy and appealing. Manufacturers use ceramic-coated mineral granules and a heavy fiberglass mat base to provide the roof some protection and dimension.

It’s a more luxurious shingle type with a cedar-like appearance but has the capability of composition roofing. Most building owners love the look of presidential shingles because of its elegance and efficiency.

3-tab shingles are the most inexpensive and least durable option out of the other two shingles. Roofing contractors call them 3-tab because the shingle has three tabs. It’s a cheap alternative if you want to avoid other traditional roofing materials.



Cedar Roofing

Lastly, you have cedar roofs that provide one of the best roofing aesthetics for any building. Some commercial buildings regard them as residential roofing. However, you can find several establishments like inns, hotels, and even rustic-style restaurants using cedar.



Now, you can finally choose the perfect roofing material for your building by weighing out each of its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure to consult with an expert to have an informed perspective and avoid any mistakes.

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