The Current Residential Roofing Trends – What are the Things to Know?

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Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by Kravelv

The roofing industry is ever-evolving with newer trends replacing older ones. Most homeowners think that the roofing industry is stagnant. However, as a proactive homeowner, you must know that this is not the case. Your roof protects your home and also contributes to the overall curb appeal of the residential property.

Staying on top of the residential roofing trends can make your home stand out in the block. Sustainability is also an important deciding factor for homeowners looking forward to implementing new roof designs. Residential roofing trends often involve groundbreaking materials and awesome designs.

Green Revolution in Residential Roofing

Sustainability is an integral factor of the current roofing trends. They are also important in enhancing indoor clean air at home. Roofing alternatives have been processed with sustainability in mind. Contemporary residential roofing design emphasizes sustainability and energy efficiency.

Homeowners often prefer flat roofs because of their numerous applications. These flat roofs can facilitate the installation of solar panels. The advancement in technology as well as the emergence of new materials are certain to redefine the future of residential roofing.

Synthetic Roofing has Become Increasingly Popular

Synthetic roofs stand as a brilliant illustration of how reused recycled material helps to cut down emissions. The roofs are normally constructed of recycled rubber and plastic. The following reasons explain why synthetic roofing is popular among residential properties.

  • Easily customizable
  • Impact resistant
  • Affordable
  • Durable

Significance of Flat PVC Roofs

For a long time, flat PVC roofs have been used on commercial or industrial premises. They are flat and covered with PVC so as to prevent water leaks. This roof is installed mainly because there is no known vulnerability to weathering. These roofs are rare to find in residential areas. However, you are the first person on your street who can take up this trend and make your home different.

Roofing Projects can use Luxury Asphalt Shingles

For the longest time, asphalt shingles have been the preferred choice of roofing companies. The roofing materials have evolved tremendously and are now more reliable. However, the new luxury asphalt shingles are gaining fame for all the right reasons.

These shingles offer superior protection from external elements. What sets luxury shingles apart is their exceptional build quality. It is a premium roofing option that’s redefining residential projects. These shingles are manufactured from premium materials and can last for decades. The best way to learn about these shingles is by consulting with experienced Loon Lake Roofing Services.

An Innovative Way of Utilizing Solar Energy – Solar Panel Shingles

Redefining roofing with solar panel shingles is a hot trend. These shingles are one of the key highlights, as they complement your roofing aesthetics. These are the modern and space-saving alternatives to normal shingles that also produce clean energy.

Solar panel shingles are a viable option for homeowners who are searching for the best sustainable roofing alternatives. You can seek an appointment with roofers to install solar panel shingles.

Residential Projects with Metal Roof Designs

The metal roof has always been a top choice for any homeowner who considers durability before anything else. Conventional roofing systems normally serve well for the next twenty-five to thirty-five years. However, metal roofs can protect your property against the elements for over fifty years.

Metal roofing panels have gained popularity because of their unbeatable resistance to harsh weather conditions. Metal roofing options have changed significantly over the past few years. You can nowadays hire a professional roofing company to install metal tiles and shingles for your house. Another huge success is stone-coated steel roofs since they are more durable.

Color Trends in Roofing

The colors for roofing are constantly evolving. There has been a tendency for homeowners to adopt bold and vibrant colors. Use bright hues such as red, green, bright colors, etc., to make a bold statement and add character to your home’s exteriors.

White and beige remain a permanent favorite for people wanting a timeless look. Metallic finishes on residential roofs are also becoming popular.

The modern-day homeowner must keep abreast with these trends in residential roofing. Therefore, you can go ahead and design your roof after consulting with Advance Roofing LLC using these trends. The company has many years of experience and can make a roof that is perfect for you.

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