Key considerations for creating a home office during COVID-19

Last Updated on April 22, 2022 by Kravelv

Although there is a vaccine on the horizon, we all know that it is likely to be a while until we go back to the office as normal. This is why it can be useful to consider how to make a space in which you can work at home with comfort, and how to achieve this – here are the things to consider:

1. Consider what your work requires

It is really important that you are realistic about what you will need while you work from home. For example, you may have a laptop – but at work you often have a second screen. So, you need to use a second screen at home, most likely, and may want to purchase one and create room for it. You also need to think about whether you want the room to be soundproofed – do you have children elsewhere you don’t want to barge into the room, or indeed a partner working next door, which means that you don’t want to disturb them?

2. Think about your comfort

Apart from your work needs, it is also important to think about what will make you comfortable in the room, and ensure you get up in the morning (once you have your coffee!) and go to use the room. For example, is there adequate heating? As the weather heats up, will you want air conditioning – spring could bring with it warm temperatures, and you may not necessarily want to be using the room when it gets sweaty or the heat is making you sleepy? In addition to a chair that is ergonomic and good for your back, it will be good to find one which is actually comfortable and appealing to sit in.

3. Think about what is within your budget

Your budget often depends what your work trajectory is like. For example, if you are in a senior or executive position, it may be more likely that you will have the income in order to support a large transition – and need it, because you have a lot of Zoom calls from your office, so may need an appropriate background for speaking. However, you may also be in a position where you are getting a chair and desk funded by work, which will allow you to spend more, as your employer feels it is their responsibility to provide you with the equipment you need to do a good job.

It is tempting to simply do a one-off order of several items and forget about what precisely you will want to be at your most productive – which takes time and planning. But it will be likely worth it in the end, as finding a space that works for you will mean you get started earlier in the morning, and finish up earlier in order to enjoy your evening. It may also mean that you earn more, because you are able to do better at your job. So your new home office may even pay for itself!