5 Tips to Read Before Creating a Guest Bedroom

guest room with guest pillow

Last Updated on July 13, 2023 by Kravelv

If your home is on the small side, you might worry you don’t have the space to accommodate many out-of-town guests. However, a few intelligent interior ideas could transform a room’s square footage while ensuring guests feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay.

If you will soon open your doors to loved ones for one or more nights, you will likely want to make their whole experience perfect. Here are five tips to read before creating a guest bedroom.

1. Bunk Beds Are a Must-Add

When thinking of a guest bedroom, a large double bed with matching bedside cabinets might spring to mind. However, this is a mistake, especially if you have many guests, as it will limit the number of people who can stay in your home.

For example, you could welcome more guests into the property with a triple bunk bed, allowing you to accommodate at least three loved ones in one room. It will provide your friends or family with more floor space when dressing or relaxing.

2. Create a Small Yet Comfortable Seating Area

A small yet comfortable seating area is bound to be appreciated in a guest bedroom. A small sofa or armchair will provide one or more loved ones with a private spot to relax, send emails, or call a friend or relative in comfort. It will turn the room into a mini home away from home and make them feel more welcome during their stay.

3. Keep It Cozy

After many hours of traveling to your home, a loved one might dream of relaxing in a soft, warm bed. Cozy elements will make a guest fall in love with the space and help them drift off to the land of nod with ease. For example, you must buy a comfortable, supportive mattress and complement it with hotel-quality bed linen and pillows. Also, add a few soft, luxe elements, such as colorful cushions, a premium throw, and a shaggy rug to slip their feet onto each morning and night.

4. Freshen Up the Interior

Breathe life into a room by incorporating fresh plants and flowers. They will freshen up the interior while adding a burst of color and texture. Plus, the greenery or vibrant flowers will bring the outside in, allowing your guests to enjoy the benefits of nature and creating a calm, inviting environment throughout their stay. Also, create a fresh, inviting environment by opening the windows, burning candles before their arrival, and cleaning the room from top to bottom before they step inside your home.

5. Block Natural Light

As you want your guests to experience a good night’s sleep in your home, you must block out as much natural light as possible. The last thing you will want is for daybreak to disturb their sleep and ruin their stay. Also, a guest visiting from another time zone might need to grab a nap in a dark room in the middle of the day to recover from jetlag. For this reason, you should hang blackout curtains to block sunlight and help one or more loved ones to sleep like a baby.

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