Common Roof Problems and Their Solutions

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

There are a number of different roofing problem but puncture, penetration, wrinkles, and flashing bring common problems. Let’s have a look at the issues and their solutions.


Leaks occur because of the careless attitude of visiting people. It includes the HVAC technicians, walls and windows washer and painters, and guest smokers. The maintenance staff can also be casual at the time of work resulting puncture of a roof. Other than this, the debris on the ceiling can create tears and holes which further leads to greater damage.

The solution is arranging a faithful service by the maintenance staff and all other workers who play a significant role in punctures. You can also take care while washing the windows of your house, so there is no such damage to your roof.


The problem is visible in the pitch plans that include the roof sealer, containers of works/sitting place and the third part is the penetration. The penetration is the location where the sealant has to adhere. The factors such as aging of penetration and loss of plasticizer can result from cracked penetration the sealant of the penetration will damage by breaking if there is no stable movement of the penetration.

Different kinds of flashing can fail to work, and the concrete curbs that filled with sealer will also damage if there is not enough support underneath. The end picture will contain the metal plans affected with rust and the sealer with dropped adhesion. Further, the ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage the rubber and plastic boots of the roof. The flashing of metal flashing will also deteriorate as the penetration was not clean. It would not seal the penetration, in the end, giving us the damaged structure.  There could be leakage from the flashing in case the worker has used the wrong diameter, or they have not correctly installed the cover.

The cleanliness of penetration is essential as it would increase the performance of penetration. However, the procedure should be the priority before installation or pourable sealers. Not following the step will not provide good adherence of the sealer with penetration.


The flashing of roof and membrane can have wrinkles in them. The different degrees of movements of the roof deck and its parameter can result in 45-degree line in the flashing or the membrane. There would be an occurrence of the fish mouth of the flashing at a point when the layer reaches to the left of the opening. The fish mouth shows the tunnel of rain water that moves down to the structure of the house. However, the movement depends on the ply of wrinkle. The line becomes weak and cracks because of their high position on the roof’s surface. There will be more damage to the place of lines, and you would see problems of shelter such as scuffing and loss of roof surfacing because of this issue.


The roofing contractor fastens the flashing with the top of the ceiling for preventing the smooth movement of the membrane. The layer can slip down to the wall of the house if the flashing is not strongly attached. It maintains the membrane so there would have no funnel in the house building.  You can see that the flashing ends at the metal counter flashing. Otherwise, there could be many issues of the top side of the roof is not sealed in the right manner. Another dangerous situation is when the offset flashing does not lap the roof membrane. It would not be able to divert the rain water from the ceiling flashing.

You can work on your roof with simple steps of maintenance. Contacting the Roofing contractors in Southgate Michigan is very important as one single problem in the process of installing the new roof can create massive problems.

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