How to Bring More Positive Energy to Any Room

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Now more than ever, we spend so much time at home that we need to make ourselves feel safe and happy when indoors. It has been not easy being cooped up at home for a long time, but it has shown us that we must be in a space that allows for breathing easily and still enjoying life. 

Decorating with intention is the key to living in your dream home. While aesthetics play a role in achieving the design you want, it is also crucial to think of how you want to feel and move in your space. People should be feeling positive whenever they enter and stay at your place.

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If you think your house doesn’t pass the vibe check, here are ways to bring more positive energy into any room.

1. Start with your bed.

It all starts with your bed. The moment you wake up, make your bed. This simple action can make you feel ready to start your day. Plus, a ready-made bed looks inviting and comfy, allows you to jump in and get a good night’s sleep.

Based on studies, sleep affects mood. That is why it is vital to get enough sleep daily. Getting quality sleep is also essential. Poor quality sleep causes irritability and stress, while healthy sleep improves well-being. So if you want to have a good start every day, be sure to make your bed before anything else.

2. Clean out old energy.

People make a big deal out of spring cleaning to make way for the new. Whether they are new stuff from the shops or revitalising energy from the outdoors, these are welcomed and embraced. 

When cleaning your home, be sure to clean with intention. Pay attention to places and spots you would otherwise miss. Ceilings, carpets, doors, windows, and walls are some of the spaces often missed. These should be cleaned with love and tenderness. Once you have deep cleaned your home, you will have a clutter-free space that provides a sense of peace and calm. 

3. Use your favourite colour.

Colours can affect us physically and mentally. For example, when we see a colour we dislike, we may suddenly feel anxious, angry and even exhausted. That is why it’s best to decorate with your favourite colours to counter these feelings.

Art, decorations and furniture in your favourite colours encourage positive emotions. Displaying a bouquet of fresh flowers such as roses or lilies is another way to bring colour to any room—bright colours like pink, orange, or yellow increase energy levels and focus. In contrast, cool ones such as periwinkle and lavender promote peace and calm. 

4. Get more natural light.

Natural light has a remarkable effect on you and your home’s energy and zen. In addition, more exposure to natural light leads to a positive state of mental health. Meanwhile, dark or dim areas are linked to depression and low energy.

To get more natural light, open the shades or add more lamps. Purchase brighter, more powerful bulbs and see how your living space becomes more enticing to stay in and feel at ease.

5. Add another living thing.

Caring for another creature is an instant mood booster. Plants, flowers and even pets can give the home an energetic and organic feel. Position plants and flowers in areas where you’ll see them often. Suggested places are the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Many plants purify the air, while others love them for their healing properties. Meanwhile, fresh flowers have a therapeutic aroma. Though pets have none of these, their presence can relieve stress and provide companionship.

6. Put up beautiful and inspiring decor.

Decorate the space with what makes you happy. For example, Wall decorations with inspiring quotes and images, and pictures of family and friends have an uplifting effect. A vision board also works well as it helps visualise what you want to manifest in your life.

Having reminders around the house is a way to erase old narratives and welcome new ones. These affirmations will subconsciously stick when you keep seeing them. Being constantly exposed to positive words and imagery can help you challenge negative thoughts and overcome self-sabotaging behaviours.

7. Listen to uplifting music.

If you can’t stand silence, then have background music playing in the background. Upbeat instrumentals are best if you don’t want any voice disrupting your focus but feel energised. Soft, mellow tunes are best for relaxation and healing.

A bit of silence is good, too. If you are coming home from a crowded place with no time to be by yourself, then you need some me-time. Take a moment to reflect on your workday (eyes closed if needed), then play some happy tunes after to change your vibe.

8. Harness the power of scents.

Being able to smell is a blessing. Without the sense of smell, life would be different. For one, you won’t be able to taste food.

To instantly invite positive energy, harness the power of scents. A simple search shows multiple studies that prove aromatherapy makes people happier. Using essential oils like lavender, rosemary or tangerine makes your rooms smell fresh and feel bright and cheery for hours on end. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how to value the most important thing in life—ourselves. If we do not care for our bodies and surroundings, we won’t thrive. If we let ourselves become stagnant, our energy becomes weak. We will not be motivated to do better or stay healthy because we do not see the positive side of life. 

With these tips, you can now improve the energy in your home quickly. Changing the energy in your home doesn’t require spending a lot of money. A slight change goes a long way when decorating a space to enhance positive energy. So if you wish to have a better quality of life, follow these tips, and you are on your way to improving your natural habitat.


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