9 Must-Have Additions for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Your kitchen is one of the busiest places in your home so it’s not unusual for the room to start showing signs of wear and tear. This doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in function but a worn-out kitchen is not pleasant to look at. On the other hand, a kitchen that looks perfectly fine may be lacking in function, preventing you from making the most of the room. Whatever reason you might have for wanting one, a remodel is designed to improve your experience of your kitchen. To ensure that, here are some must-have additions you should consider:

Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry is a great addition to any kitchen because it keeps food items organized and within easy reach without actually leaving them out in the open. This keeps your kitchen counters clear, giving you the space you need to ease prep work for meals. A walk-in pantry can also accommodate appliances and other tools, offering storage for kitchen equipment. As everything will be in one place, having a walk-in pantry bumps up convenience in the kitchen for you.


Portable Kitchen Island and Cutting Board Over Garbage Disposal Unit

Speaking of convenience, a portable kitchen island can offer just that because it can be basically anything you need it to be at the moment. Made up of one large kitchen cart or multiple smaller carts, a kitchen island can function as additional counter space for prep work one day and storage the next. You can also move it around your kitchen so you can place it where it is most needed.


Putting a cutting board over your garbage disposal unit will also bring more convenience to your kitchen because you can easily dispose of produce refuse right then and there. With less time devoted for cleanup, you’ll have more free time to do other things in the kitchen and beyond.

Wine Station and Pot-filler Faucet

Wine cellars are charming but they can be tedious to use sometimes, requiring you to venture far just to get your hands on your prized vino. Whether you’re using wine for cooking or simply prefer to have a glass with you while you’re making meals, having a wine station in your kitchen can be a rewarding addition. If you have the freedom to splurge on something, make this it.


A pot-filler faucet may seem unusual but if you know the trouble of hauling pots from the sink to the stove after filling them, you’ll appreciate the simple convenience it brings. By allowing you to fill pots with water easily, it helps simplify your cooking, speeding up the task so you get more done.

Multi-compartment Wall Oven

A remodel is focused on improving both form and function in the kitchen and you’re sure to get a great deal of improvement on the latter if you get a multi-compartment wall oven. Easy to access, a multi-compartment wall oven makes food preparation flexible because your oven and range will be separate. This will allow you to cook different items simultaneously, not only speeding up the process but also letting you cook more, which is ideal when guests frequent your home.


Ventilation Systems and Hanging Racks

What’s a beautiful and state-of-the-art kitchen when it’s stinky, right? That’s why part of a good kitchen remodel is ensuring that the proper ventilation systems are in place. Aside from whisking away lingering odors, a ventilation system can also help prevent food contamination, ensuring the quality of the food you serve.


While kitchens are primarily geared toward making cooking easier, they must also be designed to facilitate cleanup and storage. That’s where hanging racks come in. By giving you a place to put commonly used items like pots and pans in, they make it easier for you to find what you need come cooking time again. You won’t be stuffing pots and pans in cabinets so using a hanging rack will help you manage clutter in the kitchen.

Large-capacity Dishwasher

Large-capacity dishwashers have multiple compartments that lets them accommodate more of what needs cleaning in a single cycle. Get a tall-tub dishwasher, for instance, and you can wash up 16 place settings; one place setting is equivalent to one large plate, one small plate, one small bowl, one tea plate, one mug, one glass, one fork, one butter knife and two spoons.

Deciding on an Addition

Which additions you choose to get for your kitchen should be guided by your needs. After all, you are remodeling to address kitchen-related needs. To help you decide which options will give you the most value, don’t hesitate to consult a remodeling expert in your area.


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