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5 Great Lawn and Garden Makeovers You Should Be Doing This 2017

Like the interior of your home, your lawn and garden deserve attention and care, too. Failure to tend to it can make your home less pleasant. It can even depreciate the value of your property. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to do excessive renovations and makeovers just to keep it looking in top shape.

If you are in the shadows about what you should do with your garden this year, here are 5 of the best ideas you can try.

1. Get new tiles for your patio

If your tiles are worn out, cracked and buckling, now is probably the right time to get them replaced. Retiling your patio is one of the best ways you can change the way your garden looks. It can make your backyard look neater and cooler, too.

It doesn’t really have to be tiles. For extra personality, you might want to consider adding your own touch and use stones or pebbles instead. You can match the materials you use on your patio to your backyard path to create a theme for your garden.

2. Manage grass

Overgrown grass and bushes are very unappealing. They can create a bad impression to your guests and even to the people who just happen to pass by your property. They can even put you at risk of burglary and intrusion

If you don’t have 2 to 3 hours of free time each week to mow your lawn, it’ll be helpful if you install artificial grass for your garden instead. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t require water, fertilizer and regular trimming. The best thing about it is that you can even choose the length, color and type of grass you want.

3. Upgrade your garden landscape lighting

Backyard gardens are essential when it comes to family celebrations and small gatherings. Make sure there’s enough light to keep the party going in the wee hours by installing better lighting. To save energy and cut the cost of your electricity, you can invest in solar panels. Although they can be costly at first, you’ll end up saving more in the long run.

String lights are also a great alternative. Aside from that they can provide illumination during gatherings, they are also more aesthetically pleasing. You can run them through tree trunks or hang them around your patio.

Quality and attractive landscape lighting is another viable option, designed for illuminating outdoor spaces. These fixtures brighten up pathways and areas of the patio that you wish to highlight, lending a dramatic ambiance to the landscape. Moreover, there’s a sense of safety and security in a well-lit space, especially at night.

4. Build a small vegetable garden

Using a small part of your garden to grow vegetables is one good way of making the area more useful. It can help you establish a healthier eating habit without spending too much as well.

If you don’t have enough space in your garden, you can use cinder blocks. Place the blocks in an area where there’s enough sunlight to support your growing plants. The blocks should be positioned with their holes upright and they should be filled with potting mix. Plant the seeds and make sure to water daily.

5. Paint your fence

Dull and crumbling fence can make your lawn look neglected. To bring it back to life, fix any broken parts and give it a new color.

But, before you repaint your fence, you should sand it down and apply a primer first. This will create a smoother canvas and can help your new color stand out better. You can choose any shade you like. However, to make your property look more cohesive, try to match the color of your fence with the style and color of your house. Pick a stronger color if you want your fence to stand out a more subdued shade to keep it in the background.


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