5 Crucial Features of Successful Outdoor Family Events

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Planning any event is a big job, that’s why event management companies exist and are so successful. But most of the time, events are not big enough to warrant hiring someone to make them happen. In those cases, the responsibility falls on someone like you or me who are not professional event planners.

Here are 5 of the most crucial features responsible for any event’s success.However, if you have a penchant for planning, can keep a few things in mind, and follow some of the tips we are about to give you, then you will probably have a successful event at your hands.

#1) Right Time and Date

Choose a suitable time and date for your event that is acceptable for the stakeholders involved, which would be the hosts and the some of them most important guests. There will always be some people who would have to adjust their schedule to come to your event, best you can do is try to provide all of them with a great time. Also, make sure that the weather that day is not rainy or snowy or hot but pleasant, otherwise, your event would be ruined. Most of the top-class events are planned on the most appropriate days.

#2) Appropriate Budget

You shouldn’t over or underspend on your events and people normally don’t, rightfully so because budget usually dictates things. However, the occasion is too big for a little overspending to matter sometimes. Nonetheless, it is better to plan the event first in the light of the minimum available budget to you and then build on it from there.

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#3) Yummy Food

The quality and quantity of food always leaves the biggest impression on the majority of the people and is a huge factor in determining whether or not their time was well spent. It is important to remember that during outdoor events, food also has to stay outside for long periods so the food choices should be able to handle some heat, sunlight and air.

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#4) Suitable Decoration

For amateur event planners, the question of ‘how much food’ always comes up. To deal with this aspect of the event efficiently, you should know the number of expected guests beforehand, and still order food with a little margin in order to avoid a scenario where all food or beverages are finished.

Decorating the venue takes a lot out of the event planner so you better be ready for it in advance otherwise it will all descend on you too fast. Most events have a theme, so it is vital to make sure that all the related supplies are available and instructions are given to the decoration crew. If you are decorating yourself, take a full day – or at least a few hours – to make sure that the venue is aptly decorated and the atmosphere is according to your satisfaction.

However, it is always better to let the professionals handle the decoration if the event is a little too big and your budget permits.

#5) Availability of Amenities

Providing all kinds of basic facilities to the guests is your ethical responsibility. The seating arrangement should be respectable towards the guests. Drinking water is readily available, especially if the weather is on the warmer side.

Make sure there is parking for disabled people in your parking area. Provide a portable toilet facility and make sure it is kept clean throughout the event by professional handlers, it won’t be difficult as most portable toilet companies provide such a service for outdoor events. This way your house won’t have constant traffic in case the event is in your backyard or front lawn or an adjacent empty plot.

During most of the successful events, these kinds of facilities are easily provided to the guests.

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