5 Beautiful Stone Pavers to Update Your Home

Last Updated on September 27, 2023 by Kravelv

When it comes to home renovations, only few alternatives can rival the impact of stone pavers. Stones pavers are stones built into flat surfaces to cover patios, driveways, pool decks and walkways. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours making them versatile options for home renovations. The choices available for stone pavers are unlimited. Almost any rock can be made into a paver. Unfortunately, numerous options on the table make it difficult to settle on one stone paver. Here are five of the best stone pavers to update your home.

Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a sedimentary rock with a wide range of applications in construction. It’s popularly used to pave patios and walkways. Limestone is hard rock and performs well on durability. The stone doesn’t easily break or rot over time. It’s a low maintenance option with an affordable price tag. The colour options available for limestone brick are also numerous. You can get anything from black, cream and beige to grey. Due to the wide availability of limestone pavers, you can style your installation to you own unique preference. One of the drawbacks inherent to limestone brick pavers is algae growth, Algae naturally grows on limestone leaving green streaks. If you power wash the pavers, you can get the growth under control. However, permanent stains may develop when the algae growth gets out of hand, this is where hiring an expert in restoring brick pavers can help with removing built up algae and dirt whilst also minimising it’s ability to regrow.

Marble Pavers

Marble is one of the most elegant stones. It looks beautiful on any exterior space. When the sunlight hits marble pavers, they pull varied beautiful colour transitions.The aesthetic value of marble pavers is unmatched. Despite the high price tag on the stone, it’s worth every penny. Marble used for outdoor projects is usually made up of soft tumbled marble pavers as opposed to the super polished marble tiles used in indoor installations. Marble pavers are durable and hold their integrity no matter the outdoor conditions.

Travertine Pavers

Travertine is an excellent choice for stone paving. It performs well for pool decks, patios and porches. Travertine is resilient to the temperature extremes experienced in summer and winter. It’s also resistant to colour changes and offers aesthetic consistency. Travertine has natural veins that accentuate the aesthetic appeal of the stone. Each piece offers a different colour tone creating depth that is appealing to the eyes. The pavers exude a luxurious look that is almost as good as marble or granite for half the price. The installation of the pavers is also simple and affordable. Replacement costs are also low and the maintenance needs are minimal. Travertine pavers used in outdoor spaces must be sealed to pass the resilience test. This is perhaps the only downside to installing the pavers.

Sandstone Pavers

If you are looking for versatility, sandstone pavers are an excellent choice. They are popular and offer numerous benefits. Although the durability of sandstone pavers can’t match granite and slate, it’s still strong enough to last for decades after installation. The pavers also look good and come in a wide range of colours. The replacement of sandstone pavers is quite simple and cheap making it an excellent choice for spaces. Sandstone is porous and a sealer must be used to protect the integrity of the stone.

Basalt/Porphyry Pavers

Porphyry and basalt pavers offer a distinct look that is great for outdoor spaces. Porphyry and basalt are volcanic rocks with a unique aesthetic appeal. They work well for walkways, driveways and patios. The pavers are affordable and durable. They come in different colour tones and textures fit for outdoor spaces.

If you are keen on revamping your home, stone pavers are good way to get started.

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