14 Quick Awesome Tips for Building a Dollhouse

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There are so many things you have to know about dollhouses and it’s really easy to make mistakes when assembling them. Even if you have a proper dollhouse kit, there are things you need to be mindful of.  This is precisely why I’ve created this quick guide with the most important dollhouse tips.

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  • There are various materials being used for dollhouses. In most cases, you will have to choose between plywood and fiberboard. When it comes to fiberboard dollhouses, they are significantly heavier than plywood. At the same time, this material is much better when making alterations. On the other hand, plywood is much better in cases when the exterior walls are made out of frame board

  • Make sure to protect the area where you’re making the dollhouse. If you’re doing it in your garage, then there’s no problem. But if you’re assembling the dollhouse within your home, make sure to protect the working surface with a proper tablecloth.
  • Glue is something that people often neglect. If you wish to do things the right way, make sure to use a high-quality glue.
  • Before you start the project, make sure to read instructions several times as you don’t wish to go back and forth. Also, in some cases, you won’t be able to revert things you’ve already done.
  • In case that your dollhouse has siding, make sure that the planks are aimed properly before gluing. Also, make sure to add foundation to your house. The finished product will be better looking.
  • In certain cases, you might consider using regular floor tiles. This decision is connected to the total interior of the house so make sure to use it only in cases when it makes sense for the over design.
  • Consider placing spaghetti to dry after painting trim and dowels. This way they won’t stick
  • Some creators love to display their houses. You can use a regular cart to do this.
  • Always remember that dollhouse kits tend to be different. In most cases, they won’t have a flat bottom which can cause issues. The best solution to this issue is to place one just below the foundation. This will help stabilize the whole house also making it easier to display for potential viewers.

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  • Another useful trick is labeling different wallpapers. For example, you can use number 1 for the bathroom, number 2 for kitchen and so on. So, when you finally start assembling the walls, you are able to see which is which and which one goes where. Afterward, when you take them back and remove the tape, you won’t make any mistakes. You can also make some additional notes that will help you figure out which wall goes in which direction.
  • There is another option when it comes to the foundation: you can make it out of stone. White clay can be a great material in this case. All you have to do is to form rock by baking them (previously place them on an aluminum foil). Once that’s done, you’ll have to paint the rocks. Lastly, it’s necessary to cover the foundation with something. You can use for example a paste mixed with paint.
  • As you progress with the construction, you might consider taking some photos. First and foremost, this can help you determine whether or not you made some mistakes during the process (if you’re new to dollhouse construction). But more importantly, you can keep these photos for your private collection.
  • If you wish to play around, you can also engrave your name and the date when the house was built. It is a nice touch but can be a valuable memento somewhere down the lane.
  • Those who wish to get a bit more creative can place “Easter Eggs” around the house. For example, I love leaving topic-related details that will remind me of everything that happened that year.

There you go!

Building a dollhouse for your reborn baby doll or regular dolls can be quite a task. Fortunately, these kits contain almost everything you need. Information provided in them are also quite good so you won’t have to wander around too much.

If this is your first house and you made some mistake, don’t be discouraged! We all make them; just make sure to get back to it and create an even better dollhouse afterward.


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