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Why Companies That Build Homes Are Having A Hard Time Finding Workers

If you’re in the construction industry you’re probably wondering what has happened to all the skilled workers. Where it used to be very easy to find a new employee or a bit of casual help, it now seems virtually impossible.

This can seem surprising considering the higher rate of unemployment, but there is actually a good reason for this.

Change Of Careers

The worldwide global economic crash hit the construction industry hard. It is a complex industry with a huge array of skills needed to complete every project, from electricians to plumbers, architects, and even the array of builders

As soon as markets become uncertain people tend to stop spending, this affects the housing market first as these are always significant purchases.

In short, the economic crash caused a lot of construction industry workers to lose their jobs.

Many of these workers had to look for new career paths in order to pay their bills. While some of them returned to construction as the markets improved, many of them didn’t.

The fact is that while the construction industry generally pays well, there are many other jobs that offer more stability. As the world economies continue to be unstable many ex-construction workers feel safer in their new careers.

Lack Of New Recruits

Compounding the problem is the fact that fewer people are actually training to be skilled construction workers. This may be because the market still seems volatile.

The problem with a lack of people training isn’t just that skilled workers are in short supply; it is also affecting the rate of these skilled workers; potentially putting many projects over budget and creating losses for the builder.

The Solution

Instead of looking for construction workers in the traditional way, it is now imperative that those in charge of recruitment seek out skilled labor hire through agencies.

The result of the change in careers is that there are fewer workers available and the majority of these are specialized. In order to give themselves some security, they have signed with agencies to increase the availability of work and help to ensure they have job security.

This also allows the rate of pay to be set, helping both the worker and the employer to budget and flourish; even in hard times.

A company looking to hire skilled construction workers needs to go to the agency with the details of what skills they need and the duration they need a worker for.

They can then be connected with skilled workers that are either looking for temporary contracts, casual work, or permanent placement.

The advantage of using an agency is that you have extra protection. If the worker is not capable of the job or doesn’t gel well with you and the rest of the team it is very easy to effectively send them back and get another one!

This will help you to build long term relationships and ensure you have the help you need when you need it.

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