What to Consider with a Window Repair Service Before Hiring One

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Ever since you bought your house years ago, your windows were in disrepair. All of the windows you have gone perfectly with the design of the house, so you never bothered replacing them or updating their design. But now that your windows can no longer be shut and create a noise when you open and close them, you think it’s time for some replacements.

Before you dial the nearest window repair service in the area to get the job done, consider these things:

  1. Is the window repair service a one-stop shop?

It’s best to work with a window repair service that is a one-stop shop, meaning they have all the necessary supplies for the windows that they install. If not, you’ll have to purchase the window from one supplier and then the window service repair company will install it. This can work in some cases, but when the window repair service is not able to provide or procure a specific window type or model, it causes a delay in repair and installation.

  1. Do they have certifications?

Any window repair service can claim that they are “the best” in what they do but only a few can prove it, so make sure you hire the latter. These certifications are given to window installers by different window manufacturers after going through rigorous training at the factory. To earn these kinds of certifications, the window repair service has to meet certain standards. When you work with a repair service that holds certifications, you can guarantee that you’re getting the best service from the best people.

  1. Do they have references?

Yes, they might have the background and the experience you want, but is this window repair service excellent with their customer service? Because admit it… customer service is one of the most crucial factors in deciding who to hire. You can request a list of references from the repair service that contains the names of the customers who have worked with them within the last six months. You can also ask your family and friends around the area or search online for any comments about the window repair service.

  1. Do they have a good background?

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, contact two or three companies from your list. Ask them questions pertaining to their address, business name, and how long they have been in the industry. You can also ask them on how they handle complaints or if they provide after-service to their customers. Also, acquaint yourself with their window materials and suppliers by asking related questions. This is the time for you to get to know the repair service better so you can manage your expectations and make good decisions.

  1. Do they offer warranties?

Most people assume that just because their windows are newly installed, they are protected by warranties without even checking. To avoid confusion, make sure that you inquire about their warranties. Usually, windows that you purchase are warranted against defects by the manufacturer. Also, the installers should have a warranty on their services. If the repair service you’re eyeing to hire doesn’t have any of these warranties, forget working with them. Your windows are a major investment as these don’t come cheap, so the repair service should protect your investment from whatever will happen in the future.

  1. What are their processes?

When you work with an established window repair service, you can be sure that they follow a strict process on how they remove and install windows. If you don’t have any idea of the processes they have, don’t hesitate to ask. You’re the customer, so you have the right to know. One particular question that you should raise is whether or not there’s a possibility of removing an old window and installing a new one right away, or if they remove all of the windows in your home at once before installing new ones. It’s ideal for you if the installer does them one at a time because if there are issues along the way, and they’ve removed a number of windows at once, you can expect there to be several wide holes in your home for a while.

Put Some Work Into Your Decision and You Won’t Regret It

Windows are there for a purpose. Aside from it being pleasing to our eyes with many different forms and designs, they also keep dirt and other elements outside while keeping us safe inside. But when your windows fail to do all of these things, it’s a telltale sign that they need replacing. And sure, you can always call window repair services like Scelta Windows across the street, but don’t do that just yet.

You should first consider several factors to guarantee that their service is exactly what you’re looking for. Keep in mind the things presented in this article, and you can maximize your window repair experience!


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