Top Ten Home Theater Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Last Updated on April 5, 2022 by Kravelv

Most of the people spend lots of time and money in setting up latest home theater device at their home, but due to some mistakes they do not seem to be right and following are the some of the mistakes that are committed by most of the people and they are.

1. Buying the wrong size television 

Now days everyone likes to have the big screen TV and with the average screen size of 55 inches when you are going to purchase a lot of larger screen sets then you need to find the best place for placing at your home. However, an extremely big TV is not always found to be a best one for particular viewing or size room where you won’t be getting the clear picture view and it also makes you distracting and uncomfortable to watch the shows on television.

2. The room has window or other kinds of light issues 

Room light is found to be a definite effect on the television and video projector in which most of the TV do well in the semi lit room but when the room is darker it founds to be better one especially for the video projectors. Never place your TV opposite to the windows and cover the windows with curtains and make sure that light cannot pass through into the room.

3. Buying wrong speakers

Some of them spend small fortune on audio/video components but they never think about the quality of the subwoofer and loudspeakers where this does not mean that you have to spend thousands of amount for buying the modest system, but while buying the home theater system you need to make sure that the speakers are at good condition and they provide high sound quality.

4. Not budgeting for needed accessories and cables 

One of the main common home theater mistakes is that not including the enough money for purchasing all the required and needed accessories and cables that makes your home theater system components to work. On the other hand you also need to check that the cable is of a branded one, only then you can get the best quality of function from the surround sound systems.

5. Use the right speaker cables

You don’t need to buy expensive cables to run wire. You need 24-gauge wire cable that is enough to make your receiver to surround speakers. When the cable is thinner then it will have high resistance therefore when resistance is high then the frequency response is possible. When you add high resistance with cable that is too thin then you can change sound pattern at higher frequencies.

6. Don’t overbuy on interconnects

Some people will buy large expensive cables for the interconnection because they didn’t match their speakers while ordering those interconnections. Cable is very important for your system. Your system won’t work without them. The Gold plated RCA cables, HDMI cables are so simple that not going to make your audio systems better and you need plan ahead and make it simple and avoid overspending

7. Pay attention to hdmi cables

HDMI cables handle only 1080p quality video plus audios. If you buy HDMI cables you can support integrated Ethernet and 4k support also. If you install HDMI cables then you are safe from headache. It has fast amplification process and now it arrives to market at latest designs that support most of the feature.

Active HDMI cables have chip embedded with power of 5v and its connector also available. It is capable of sending billions of bit data fastly.

8. Speaker phase matters

Some spend only short time for choosing speakers, you need to consider quality, feature and brand. The positive speaker phase is connected with positive lead on amplifier. When connected properly then you will be able to receive stereo recording. If wrongly connected them your system fails in receiving wider stereo sounds and it will disappear.

9. Heat

If you have rack or shelves for AV gear, then you need to remember you need to place your amplifier on home theatre at the top. Don’t keep your device with fully covered with other objects. Don’t keep it in the top of other devises and it get damage easily.  

10. Ventilation

For every electronic component required proper ventilation, in some people house amplifier will stop working quickly but when they analyzed, find ventilation is a problem. An amplifier usually generates lot of heat if you contain heat in an enclosed space, you will get your device failed Give your AV equipment’s more ventilation or else replace a cooling fan to your rack where AV amplifier is fixed. It seem logical that a company known for making a new component for your system be sure it is wired with best cables you get. Generally, stock speaker cable is generally quite poor and not properly shielded with audio quality for system.

You need a single cable to connect the sound systems bar directly to your TV optical or analog outputs.

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