9 Critical Tips to Know Before Starting Your Home Renovation

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Home renovation is a serious procedure. It requires careful planning and proper preparation. This is because the failure to do such could cause you to spend more when not handled well. So, to help you out, we came up with the list of the critical tips to know before starting your home renovation. These include the following.

tips before starting home renovation

1. Set your renovation goals

Set your renovation goals firsthand. Doing this will allow you to focus on the project’s main goal. If your goal is to increase your property’s value, it is best to consult a real-estate agent. The agent is a good source of information about the most sought-after property in the market and use this to improve your home.

In case your renovation goal is restoration of an old house, bear in mind that this requires dealing with more major structural issues. Thus, it is best to expect and prepare for the need for a bigger budget.

2. Create a realistic budget

As soon as the renovation goal is set, go and create a realistic budget. Doing this helps you to have a rough estimate of the renovation cost. For best results, request for itemised quotes from three builders. This trick allows you to determine what’s and what’s not included in each quote. Compare the quotes and select the best offer.

Also, creating a realistic budget allows you to prepare the amount needed to finance the renovation. You can expect to spend about 45-50 percent of the budget for the purchase of materials, 30-35 percent on labour cost, and 20-25 on fees, GST, levies, and taxes.

3. Complete your development application

Property renovation usually requires a Development Application/Assessment. Thus, it is strongly advised that you process and have this approved before starting or completing the renovation that you are planning for. Always remember that these requirements are very important ang might get you into trouble when overlooked.

4. Hire the best tradespeople

To get the renovation output that you’ve been dreaming of, make sure to hire the best. This simply means that you need to hire the best and not the cheapest. Hiring the service of the best tradespeople might not be the cheapest option but doing this is proven as a good move. This is because these personnel are highly-trained and experienced in handling the job. They can do unconventional tasks (such as asbestos removal) involved in the renovation process.

In most cases, hiring the best tradespeople could help you reduce the renovation expenses. These personnel know how to work efficiently and effectively. As a result, the project is completed in a shorter period and without back jobs.

5. Use good-quality materials

Contrary to the common notion, using good-quality materials for home renovation is a good move. The use of high-quality significantly extends the lifespan of your home and reduces the need for frequent repairs. Also, a house renovated using good-quality materials provides a strong sense of security and peace of mind.

6. Order the materials ahead

Order the materials needed for your house renovation ahead of time. This will give you more time to shop for the best materials sold at the best prices. Ordering ahead is also helpful in preventing work delays due to unavailability of materials. On top of that, having all the materials ready makes the completion of the project faster. Thus, you can save more time and money due to reduced working hours. 

7. Keep track of the project’s costs

Keeping the costs and expenses of the project on track is very important. It provides you with the idea of the actual amount of money spent for the renovation. Also, this helps you determine the amount that you will most likely spend in the coming days. To make the cost tracking accurate, make sure to keep all the receipts, plans, contracts, and invoices. It is best to have these organised and properly recorded.

8. Create and stick to the project’s timeline

Create a realistic timeline for the project. To do this, list all the procedures involved in the renovation and their corresponding due dates. Make sure to stick to the schedule you created. See to it that all the deliverables are delivered on or before the deadline.

9. Hire a designer

Hiring a professional designer for the renovation is a must. Although you will incur additional expenses, doing such is indeed useful. This is because a professional designer knows how to handle this role well. Thus, when a design is created and approved, all the personnel involved in the renovation will know how the exact output would look like. Thus, they can devote all their efforts to have this achieved.

Final Words

Home renovation is indeed a very important project. When completed well, this increases your home’s value and appearance. Also, the renovation extends the house’s lifespan for a few more years and makes living under the roof more secure. Given this, the renovation should involve careful planning and proper preparation. Furthermore, you should also hire the best contractor to handle the project.

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