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Things to Consider When Deciding to Replace or Repair your Roof

Owning a home demands continuous maintenance and tender care. This is the reality that homeowners have to live with. The saddest part is, houses don’t speak and we often end up paying the doctor for a disease which we have no idea about how bad it is. We know that our roof is demanding maintenance, and something has to be done, but, we are not sure what it is. We are confused over a thought about whether the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

No damage is caused instantly. Damage to the roof is a gradual and an inescapable process, and there are several factors that contribute to it. For instance,

  1. Sun: Continuous exposure to the sun can cause gradual damage to the roof as well as the materials. A roof that is exposed to the southern side of the sun is in the much more vulnerable state than other areas.
  2. Wind: Sustaining high winds and large gusts lift the edges of the roof and create a path for water and other unwanted elements to seep in. This then makes its way to the roof deck and cause rotting.
  3. Rain: When the wind blows away the edges of roof shingles, water seeps into the ceiling and damage the walls, electrical systems, and insulation.
  4. Leaves and trees: Many times branches of the tree are blown by the wind and gets stuck into the shingles thereby puncturing them. These leaves then retain moisture and results into rotting and block the drainage.
  5. Condensation: Improper attic ventilation contributes to condensation. Huge temperature fluctuations between the outside air and attic air lead to condensing the moisture.

Many factors are worth considering while deciding what roof repair job you need to do.  Your house teases you with several clues rather than blatantly letting you know the issue. Here are some things you need to look before getting your roof repaired:

This is just the tip of an iceberg. There are many more factors responsible for roof damage. If you are not sure what your roof needs, take help of an experienced roofer. They perform a thorough inspection and only after that he may suggest an overlay that involves replacing just the upper layer of the roof.

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