Signs that the thermostat is broken in your house

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A broken thermostat means your house getting uncomfortably cold or hot and can be annoying. Such conditions may result in considerable waste of energy. To prevent yourself from big problems you need to know about some obvious signs that show your thermostat is broken.

Here are some signals of thermostat issues:

The HVAC system doesn’t start

The most prominent indication of a broken thermostat is that your HVAC system will not turn on or react to the thermostat. In case you alter settings on the thermostat and receive no response, it means the thermostat is broken.

The thermostat not responding to changed settings

In ideal conditions, when you change temperature settings over your thermostat, it must quickly respond to all those changes. In many circumstances, the thermostat will create a clicking sound while making changes and then the cooling or heating equipment will turn on. In case you don’t hear this clicking sound, or the system doesn’t turn on immediately after you made changes, your thermostat is broken and needs replacing.

Furnace or air conditioner runs constantly

If your furnace or AC unit runs continuously and doesn’t turn off after the set temperature is achieved, the thermostat’s wiring may be broken. The same happens if there is miscalibration that leads the thermostat to deliver wrong signals to the furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump.

HVAC unit short cycles

Short cycling happens with your HVAC unit when it turns off too earlier and fails to complete a whole cooling or heating cycle. It will lead to ineffective cooling and heating that means your indoor atmosphere will be uncomfortable.

The thermostat fails to keep programmed settings

Thermostats with programmable settings are created to retain the settings for a long time. In case the thermostat keeps on losing the settings, it is a sign of a broken thermostat that needs replacement.

Temperatures difference across the house

Except if your house is zoned and temperatures in every room are set differently, the temperature throughout your home must be uniform from one room to another. In case the thermostat is broken it will cause the unit to switch off and on irregularly. It will lead to a more cold or hot area near the HVAC system while furthest areas barely getting any.

The Interface of the system won’t respond

The latest thermostats are substantially more complicated as compared to earlier versions. While this intricacy offers more control over ease and convenience by offering remote access and better programming choices, it also generates a more substantial potential for component failures and software problems. In case the interface of your HVAC system doesn’t respond, there are chances that you require a component replacement or a software update.

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Troubleshooting your thermostat

You can inspect your thermostat to check if the system is running properly. Here are some of the things that you can easily and simply do to check and troubleshoot your thermostat.

Clean the thermostat

Within the thermostat, check for clogged dust and debris and remove if any. It will save the electrical and mechanical parts from damage. Ensure that you use a dry cloth and a small brush and never use water for cleaning the interior of the cover.

Check the settings

Ensure that your thermostat is set at the right settings i.e. cool in summer and hot in winter. Also, ensure that the system is not only set to “on” as it will lead the unit to run constantly.

Replace the batteries

Replacing batteries is a good plan for spring cleaning and it is very easy and simple to do. It will help prevent unexpected battery failure leaving you cold at night.

Set the heat up and down later on

Set the heat 5o more than actual in the winter season and then 5o low in the summer. Doing this will lead to a clicking sound that will be followed by the air blowing from the vents.

Test connections

You need to get a certified and expert HVAC technician to check and test the wiring connections while performing regular maintenance of the air conditioner or furnace. The process just requires a couple of minutes and can find wiring issues before they lead to failure.


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