Selling Your Property, What You Need to Be Prepared!

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Preparing to sell your property? The one thing on every seller’s mind is what can I do to ensure I get a good return on the sale of my property?  This is where we come in, if you’ve decided it’s time to sell your property, you want to sell it quickly as well as selling it for a good amount to earn a profit. Before you can even consider when you’re putting your property on sale, you need to get a true value of your property’s worth, at the time you purchased the property years ago to the current date your property has changed and so has the value.

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A pre-sale property valuation is what you require to get you started, a property valuation is a process in which an independent property valuer will conduct an inspection of the property taking into account the property itself, as in the land, size and proximity, the valuer will do extensive research and collect all data related to the local area of the property’s that have previously been sold that are similar to your property and any other external factors that may come into effect. With all the data analysis and research conducted the valuer will calculate the true current value of your property and all other market details in a comprehensive report, which will help you determine the amount you wish to put on your property.

When it comes to a property valuation it’s always best to be prepared ahead of the inspection, we suggest preparing your property in ways of any upgrades and improvements that may need to be completed, this is highly recommended as any small to major upgrades/improvements made to a property instantly adds value and in turn will increase your profit at the time of sale. 

These tips are just a couple easy ways to help improve the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, as you want to showcase the full potential of the property and its value.

Clean out

This would be the obvious step to take when presenting a house for sale. A once-over clean will not cut it, you should feel like you’re walking into a furniture store, not a currently lived in home.

The key to getting potential buyers through the door is enabling them to see the full potential your house has for their family. Decluttering and air out the rooms in advance for the open house. Remove any personal items from view, family photos, shoes near the door and other items that are distinctly you. Having these items around makes it harder for potential buyers to imagine the space as theirs.

Utilise Space

Once you’ve decluttered and cleaned, you can see a clear view of potential for each room. Think about how you can utilise the space in your home, to give buyers an insight into the space as a whole. Rearranging furniture or adding new pieces can make a big difference. A fresh coat of paint throughout the property both interior and the exterior, as buyers enter giving them the Impression of newness, anything that can make the house presentable from the get-go is a great bonus.

Everyone has a different lifestyle purpose, rethinking the way you set out the rooms will give potential buyers a look into new ideas that may work for them as well as showcasing the property to its full potential. The layout of the house should be consistent but keep in mind each room should be unique to itself. Taking the personal aspects away and creating spaces that can cater to all lifestyles will boost the numbers of potential buyers.

Fixtures and Finishes

It might not be the most important thing to get buyers through the door, any small additional changes will give the property an edge over other houses on the market. Updating some fixtures can make a big difference to the overall appeal, new tapware in the bathroom and kitchen will give the impression of a renovation, without the major price tag. Upgrading light switches, power points and lighting are a low-cost idea to add value.

Curb Appeal

First impressions count, and that can be the make or break of a potential sale. The curb appeal as in the exterior of your home makes the difference of how quickly your property may sell, and just getting buyers to walk through the door. The way the property looks from the outside gives prospective buyers an idea of what they could expect from the inside and this could turn buyers away instantly.

Small additions as we mentioned are a fresh coat of paint, cleaning up any weeds and debris around the house, cutting the grass and adding in new plants/flowers. Any outdoor furniture in the front or back of the property should be cleaned and repainted if needed.

Creating a list of each area that you wish to upgrade will give you a clear idea of the time frame and the amount of work that needs to be completed, make sure these are all done before the property valuation to have a successful report completed, as well as prior to putting the property up for sale.

Every small detail you are aiming for will help when it comes down to negotiations and achieving a higher profit for your home. Speak to an expert today to give you a clear idea of what the current market value of your home is. Take the first step to a better investment.


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